A New Way of Healing

Yoga Girl and 29k

Nobody said it was easy, but no one ever said it would be this hard...

Well, does it have to be?

Introducing an exciting new collaboration with Yoga Girl® and 29k - the world’s first personal growth program combining the best science-based tools with deep human connection. Available wherever you are, whenever you need it, for free.

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Maybe we feel lost so we can remember how important it is to be found.

When you download the 29k app, you will be invited to join Yoga Girl’s 8-week course on self-compassion.

Join Rachel as she shares her personal experience going through both the heavy and light-hearted exercises as an honest, willing participant. Then share your story as well.

You will find yourself, and others who feel the same. The course begins by assigning you to a group of participants. You will laugh, cry, and share your experiences using chat and live video, using many proven methods to make you feel comfortable opening up.

You will receive daily evidence-based practices to help you learn how to identify when you are overly critical of yourself, understand why you do it and how it affects you. Most importantly, you will explore a more constructive way of relating to yourself.

29K Childs close up face with water

If you’re going through something, you’re going somewhere.

At Yoga Girl, we believe that to heal the world we must first heal ourselves.

But in order to heal, we need a safe space to feel. Imagine what life would be like if we were given the tools we need to be able to feel the full spectrum of emotion? What if we were taught how to check in with ourselves and the heavy parts of life?

Now true change is available at our fingertips, so let’s begin.

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What if you already have the answers?

What if love has been here all along?

On average, we have 29 000 days to live on planet earth. 29k’s purpose is to support as many people as possible to make their days count. To learn more about 29k, click here.   29K still image of asian girl wind in hair

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