Yoga Girl® Foundation

The Yoga Girl® Foundation was founded 2018 in Sweden by Rachel Brathen Schoneveld and Shama Persson.

Yoga Girl Foundation

“We are blessed with lives where we have more than we need. We will always have enough food on table, beds to sleep in but also love, support and infinite opportunities. Year 2017 was a special year as baby Lea Luna was born and we came closer to each other. We really came to realize how blessed we are with love, support and money and could see how much we had grown and healed as a family. We began to imagine what three generations of grateful and blessed women and children can do for women and children on the planet less fortunate. The idea of paying forward and giving back grew into the Yoga Girl Foundation. We believe in the importance and power of gratitude and paying this forward. And we believe that together with you as our extended family we can do so much more difference. Welcome to join us and our vision of a world where every woman and child is safe and loved and have a life full of purpose, without fear.”

What We Do

The Yoga Girl® Foundation supports women and children who suffer the consequences of trauma, injustice, abuse and poverty. We provide emotional, financial and medical aid to support healing and empower growth.


From the start, community is at the core of who we are and what we do. Yoga is one tool that helps us create a global community committed to social responsibility, thereby helping women and children who suffer the consequences of trauma, injustice, abuse and poverty, with healing and emotional support. When we love ourselves, everything else falls into place.

Projects in Early Stage Development

  • Children’s Sanctuary in Aruba
  • Infant Care in Venezuela
  • Women’s Scholarships to Yoga Girl® Programs (scholarships to women who are in need of emotional and physical support and can’t afford to join Yoga Girl programs.)

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