The Four Elements and The 12 Houses of the Zodiac with Debra Silverman

What's Included?
Unlock your true cosmic potential with astrologer Debra Silverman.
  • 17 video lessons
  • Dive deeper into your birth chart
  • Learn about the element Earth
  • Learn about the element Air
  • Learn about the element Fire
  • Learn about the element Water
  • Explore how each element plays a role in astrology
  • Learn about each sign and the house it rules
  • Learn how the houses are influencing you and your life's purpose
  • Unlock secrets of your natal chart placements
This collection is free with a Yoga Girl® membership.

Yoga and astrology are best friends. Astrology helps you to find your life’s purpose and the practice of yoga helps you to refine the temple of the body to let spirit move through you.

In the first series of videos, you will begin to understand the four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire. We often struggle with understanding and communicating traits of our personalities, but we can begin to understand and become aware of our personality traits through astrology and the four elements with these helpful classes led by expert astrologer, Debra Silverman.

As you learn and stretch the mind through studying astrology, you will learn to coordinate the body, and practice to align your energies with the elements.

To take a quiz to learn more about your missing element and to dive a little deeper, click here - OR - if you're a current premium member, find Debra's Astrology workbook, which also contains this quiz, under My Mat. To pull up your birth chart, click here.

The houses of the zodiac can help you to understand your natal chart better, your path in life, and which house is directly influencing you the most. Each house rules a different part of your life, from finance to career to family, relationships and more.

In the second series of videos you will learn the themes and lessons involved in the houses of the zodiac with astrologer Debra Silverman. Look to your chart and see where you have three or more planetary placements (a stellium) and this indicates a strong placement in that house.

Join Debra as she helps you to unlock the roadmap of your natal chart, and use the cosmos, houses and zodiac to guide you down your unique cosmic path!

What's Included?

  • Introduction to the Four Elements with Debra Silverman
  • Element Earth with Debra Silverman
  • Element Air with Debra Silverman
  • Element Fire with Debra Silverman
  • Element Water with Debra Silverman
  • The 1st House of Aries with Debra Silverman
  • The 2nd House of Taurus with Debra Silverman
  • The 3rd House of Gemini with Debra Silverman
  • The 4th House of Cancer with Debra Silverman
  • The 5th House of Leo with Debra Silverman
  • The 6th House of Virgo with Debra Silverman
  • The 7th House of Libra with Debra Silverman
  • The 8th House of Scorpio with Debra Silverman
  • The 9th House of Sagittarius with Debra Silverman
  • The 10th House of Capricorn with Debra Silverman
  • The 11th House of Aquarius with Debra Silverman
  • The 12th House of Pisces with Debra Silverman

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