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Be Your Authentic Self

Shake it out, release stuck emotions, and work with intuitive movement in this invigorating shaking meditation and ecstatic dance party! Raise your vibration, find a state of peace and balance, and let yourself release blockages in your energetic field by literally shaking them free with this wonderful active meditation and practice.

Allow yourself to really let loose in the comfort of your own home, dance like no one is watching, get your heart rate up, and simply give yourself space to release, release, release. Complete your practice by making your way down to Savasana and allowing the earth to support you as you return home to your authentic self.

For this practice, you will need a space or room to move around in. A yoga mat and blanket are optional for sitting and lying down at the beginning and end of practice.

Click here for Spotify class playlist. Rachel will cue to start the playlist at 20:34.

Track list if Spotify is unavailable:

  • Kundalini Rising by Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound (12:07)
  • In Dreams by Eskimotion (3:52)
  • Higher Love by Kygo & Whitney Houston (3:48)
  • Love Generation, Radio Edit by Bob Sinclar & Gary Pine (3:25)
  • Energia by Sofi Tukker (3:08)
  • A Moment to Carry You Forever by Dean Evenson (8:06)
  • O, I Love You by Essie Jain (3:31)
  • Timeless Soul by Cornell Kinderknecht (4:00)
  • Sugarcane by Ana Olgica (2:25)

Journaling Prompt for after practice:

"I feel at home in my body when..."

The shaking explanation and physical practice begins at 17:15.

Oracle card deck used is: The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson