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Yin Love

Gather your props, place your crystals, light your candles and incense, and join Rachel to settle into this deeply rejuvenating practice that will help you unwind and release tension on a cellular level. Yin is the feminine, nurturing, cooling side of your practice, very different from a Vinyasa class. You will take fewer poses and hold them for a longer time, breathing and letting your props support you so that you can deeply surrender, wind down, and relax.

For this practice, you will need a bolster, 3 blocks, 1-2 straps, plus a blanket and/or a pillow or two if you'd like even more coziness and support as you fully surrender into your body, breath, and the present moment.

If you don't have a bolster or blocks, you can substitute with an extra yoga mat rolled up in a blanket, extra blankets rolled together, or lots of pillows. Learn more about props and how to make your own at home here.