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Wake Up!

Do you pay attention to things around you? Are you attentive to what your body is telling you? Can you notice when your thoughts are tiring you out and do you know how to turn them around to find more energy? With Jen and this class, you can! This practice will help you combat feelings of tiredness and lethargy, show you how you can notice tiring thoughts and carefully choose thoughts that feel empowering to you – no matter what kind of day you are having. Create a little heat in the body with breath of fire, cat/cow, and movements that wake up your digestive system. Connect to a personal mantra through sun salutations, core-strengthening exercises, and playful flows. You'll even get upside down to shift perspective before dropping into a powerful stance to seal your commitment to consciously awakening. If you need a boost of energy, motivation, and positive self-talk, do this class now!