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Rise, Rinse and Reset

Follow Rocky on an exploration of mobility by focusing on individual joints, body regions, and different ranges of motion. This is a great practice to start your day off with, but also if you’d like a mid-day refresher to give yourself a boost and help you “reset” after a long day of sitting.

You’ll begin standing as Rocky leads you through gentle neck, spinal, and shoulder stretches to create more freedom and length, then continue creating length and fluidity in the body with slow, gentle movements in the hips, spine, and side body. Moving to the floor, you’ll continue to mindfully explore your ranges of motion and create opening and release in the hips, pelvis, arms, ankles, and knees. Practice this class on a regular basis to increase your mobility and ranges of motion while keeping your joints happy and healthy too!

For this class, a blanket, block, and a strap are optional for additional support and length.