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Prop it Up

Yoga props are your friend during no matter what level you are at in your practice, but especially if you are a beginner or working with shoulder or wrist injuries. In this practice, you will need two blocks, which will help you to access poses with greater ease, and will become like an extension of your arms by bringing the floor closer to you. Blocks are great for steadying balance, offering support when needed, and at times even creating resistance in a pose. Props are your tools to help create a more balanced, accessible practice!

Start supported in Child’s Pose, grounding into the breath and gently opening the hips. Move through Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) and standing poses using blocks for support and length. Learn how to use the props to modify for wrist or shoulder injuries as you flow into supported shoulder stretches, gentle supine restorative poses, then use props for luxurious support and deep surrender in Savasana. Enjoy feeling supported, connected and rejuvenated!

Don't have yoga props yet? No problem! Read here to learn how to make your own using things found around your home.