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Nature's Blessing

Join Ashley on the mat to create space in your body in alignment with Mother Nature, moving in a way that is intuitively your own. Begin by slowly awakening your energy, connecting to your heart, your breath, and your intentions with Mantra, gentle hip opening, myofascial release and lengthing in the quads, and shoulder opening. Ashley then guides you through a series of gentle heart opening movements that will help you uncover where tension is living in your body and offers beautiful Mantras to help create healing shapes and feelings. Explore options to bind, invert, and deepen various poses throughout if that feels good, or choose gentler variations if that feels better. Remember, your body, your practice. The beauty of this practice is in its simplicity, taking plenty of time to explore each movement, so that you may fully absorb the wisdom of Mother Nature into your body and consciousness.

For this practice, a blanket, two blocks and a strap are optional.