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Mudras for Abundance

Mudras are a wonderful way to bring a jolt of positivity, inspiration, comfort and abundance to your life! Join Susanna as she guides you through Mukula Mudra, a Mudra used for new beginnings, to enhance creative energy and focus. Take the time to envision a new project and use the Mudra to amplify energies of auspiciousness and focus. You will then practice Padma Mudra, invoking the power of a blooming lotus, helping you to overcome obstacles in your new endeavor. As the lotus blooms in the mud, so will your new project by practicing this Mudra. The final Mudra of abundance is Kubera Mudra, to call in your heart’s desire. Allow yourself to breathe and receive all of the abundant benefits of this beautiful Mudra practice.

For this practice, you may want a blanket or chair for extra seated support.

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