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You Are Part of the Whole - Full Moon Flow

Join Rachel for this special ceremony class to set new intentions and move through a Moon Salutation flow, all while being guided by the radiant energy of the full moon!

Begin your ritual practice by invoking the four directions and reflecting on the oracle card pulled for this class before pulling out your journal to write on gratitude, balance, and self-care. Set your journal aside to invite some gentle movement in the neck, shoulders, upper back, spine, and wrists, then slowly warm up the body with cycles of Cat/Cow (Marjaryasana/Bitilasana), Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana), Garland Pose (Malasana), and Child's Pose (Balasana).

Transition to the long edge of your mat to begin Moon Salutations featuring Mountain Pose (Tadasana), Standing Side Bend (Parsva Urdhva Hastasana), Five Pointed Star Pose (Utthita Tadasana), Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana), Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), Pyramid Pose (Parsvottanasana), Low Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana), and Side Squat Pose (Skandasana). Make your way down to the floor for Half Monkey/Splits Pose (Ardha Hanumanasana) before taking a seat for another journaling exercise to help you gain clarity on what you're ready to let go of this lunar cycle. Continue your practice with Half Pigeon Pose (Ardha Kapotasana) to release stuck emotions held within the hips, then come to your back for reclined twists, Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana), and finally, Savasana.

For this class, you will need:

  1. For the intention setting and ritual portion, bring a journal and a pen. For extra seated support, we recommend a blanket, a chair, or 1-2 blocks. You are also invited to set up a small altar space with aspects of the four main elements. Examples could be: a bowl of salt water or cup of tea (Water), your favorite crystals or rocks (Earth), you could burn incense or light a candle (Fire), and you could diffuse/use essential oils or bring a feather you found on the ground (Air). These are just a few of the many ways to incorporate the elements during a ritual ceremony!

  2. For the movement portion, 1-2 blocks are optional for additional length and support.

Click here for Spotify class playlist. Music starts from the beginning of the video.

Journaling prompts for this class:

Right now I am most grateful for...

The balance between my self care and care for others looks like...

To bring more balance into my life I will...

To make this happen I need to let go of...

Oracle card deck is The Wild Unknown Archetypes by Kim Krans.