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Mommy and Baby Yoga

Are you a new mama? Find your way back to your practice and bond with your baby in this fun-loving 10-minute class with Coral Brown and her 3-month old, Seamus! This class will move steady and slow, starting with a gentle hip-opening flow for mama, shifting from tabletop to child’s pose, complete with forehead and toe kisses for baby (and perhaps a game of peek-a-boo!) You’ll transition to downward dog, connecting with baby through sweet loving gazes and snuggles. In plank or modified plank, you'll begin to work stability through your core and strength through your arms with Chaturanga kisses! Work on realigning your midline with simple low lunge pulses, then flow between gentle hip-opening and hamstring stretches. Coral shares a mommy and baby Baddha Konasana before playing peek-a-boo again in boat pose. Class ends with options on how to share a sweet Savasana with your baby so you can both end with a smile.