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Mindfully Powerful Mamas To Be

Are you a pregnant yogi who loves power Vinyasa and is craving a good sweat, or just looking for an invigorating practice? Look no further, this dynamic flow is perfect for you! Before the physical practice begins, this class offers a discussion on how to modify your powerful practice during pregnancy so that you're still feeling strong while caring for your body and your baby. You will learn which poses or movements to avoid, why you should avoid them, and substitute postures to ensure a safe practice. Once you start to flow you'll move mindfully and powerfully through Sun Salutations, a grounding sequence, balancing postures and chest/hip openers. Throughout the flow you'll constantly check in to make sure you're listening to the body, adding modifications or adapting the practice as needed. This class will get your heart pumping and energy flowing while making sure you and your baby feel nurtured on the mat!