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Meet the Planets: Meet Jupiter and Find Joy

In this video you will learn about the jovial, giant planet of luck and good fortune, Jupiter! Did you know that Jupiter is 300 times the size of Earth and has 17 Moons? We can’t even begin to imagine that many new and full moon ceremonies.

Jupiter is festive, playful, loves to indulge, spend money, do all the fun activities, the embodiment of a party waiting to happen! Jupiter is the spice of life, the way we keep the fun and humor in our lives.

Determine whether your Jupiter is in Water, Air, Earth or Fire, and learn what the placement of Jupiter in your chart means. Debra will help you to determine your joy factor, what you love and what you love to do. You will learn what brings you joy and learn to balance your elements.

Everything is a teaching and a lesson, learning about your astrological configuration helps you to reclaim parts of your soul and work with the planets as a coordinated team.

The nature of astrology is to help you learn your placements and balance your chart. No one is better or worse, it’s just the way we are designed!