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Manifesting Hearts Desire

Reach your highest potential and connect deeply with your fearless heart with Maite in this empowering class. Release any self-limiting or self-sabotaging behavior, and find the courage and strength to connect to your deepest desires.

Begin with a powerful Fearless Heart (Abhaya Hrdaya) mudra and meditation that will help you to connect to your heart, align yourself with the vibration of pure love, and anchor into true alignment of the self. Slowly make your way up to standing and allow your body to literally shake out any resistance with gentle kidney-tapping to release any excess cortisol (stress hormone) from the adrenals. Continue clearing away what no longer serves you by activating your prana, your vital life-force energy, in a mindful visualization exercise, then move through soft forward folds, low lunges, a supported Warrior III, and Garland Pose (Malasana) to create space and build strength in the hips and hamstrings. To close your practice, come back down onto the mat to take Fearless Heart mudra once again, sealing in the practice and coming into alignment with your heart's deepest desires.

For this class, two blocks, a strap, and a blanket are optional for additional length and support.