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Introduction to Susanna Barkataki

Get to know Susanna and what you can expect to learn with her Yoga Girl® offerings in this short introductory video. Susanna’s teachings focus on not only helping you better understand the roots, philosophy, and system of yoga as a whole, but they also provide you with the tools you need to bring the healing elements of the practice into your everyday life.

Susanna is a life-long student and educator, and has done trainings throughout the U.S. as well as with Hatha-style masters in India. While rolling out your mat and practicing with Susanna, you'll get the chance to work with Mudra (hand gesture), Mantra (mental tool, such as a message or chant), and you'll also hear philosophical teachings and wisdom that she's gained from her own guides and teachers along her journey.

Find a full list of all her classes here on Yoga Girl® here.

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