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Sacred Stillness

Infuse something beautiful into your everyday life and learn to make the mundane moments sacred as you join Rachel for a glimpse into her tea ceremony ritual, a sharing from the heart, a seated meditation practice, and a draw from oracle spirit cards.

Gather your sacred items, maybe a cup of tea, and get cozy and comfortable so you can begin grounding and meeting yourself in the present moment. As Rachel prepares her sacred tea ceremony ritual, you will begin to breathe and take note of the emotions and sensations moving through you.

Continue seated by connecting to your body with a few rounds of Cat/Cows (Marjaryasana/Bitilasana) for the spine, neck, and shoulders, then shift the hips a bit before settling in Seated Spinal Twists (Parivrtta Sukhasana). Transition into a deeply relaxing "Infinite Breath" breathwork (Pranayama) moving from the lower belly to the upper chest and back down again, before slowing down even further in blissful meditation.

Close out this peaceful practice with a spirit card pull to provide an extra layer of insight to take with you into the rest of the day (and onward!)

Journaling Prompt:

"A sacred practice I want to deepen is..."

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Spotify class playlist: Healing Hour Oct 12, which starts from the beginning.

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Oracle card deck: Kuan Yin Oracle: Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine by Alana Fairchild

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