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Sacred Tea Ceremony

Sit in ritual with Rachel as we connect with the medicine of Tea and the grounding presence of a Sacred Tea Ritual. In this deeply special Healing Hour Rachel guides you through the Leaves In A Bowl ritual. You can choose to join the ceremony with a simple mug of tea already steeping, or you can participate in each step of the ritual.

Begin with learning how to set up a sacred space for a tea ceremony, and some of the items that can be included for a tea ritual. Begin the Ritual of Leaves In A Bowl with Rachel and start to ground into a deep sense of presence and connection to Nature and the gift of tea medicine. Sit in ceremony and enjoy your time with tea in silence as Rachel gently guides through each step of the ceremony. Close the tea ceremony and join Rachel as she answers some community questions about Sacred Tea Ceremony.

What you need for a Tea Ceremony:


The single most important thing you need is tea - real tea! Make sure you have Camellia Sinsensis and not an herbal infusion. Loose leaf, unflavored organic tea is best, and the bigger the tea leaves the better. You decide if you want red (what we think of as black tea), green, white, puerh... Choose intutively! Note that Rooibos, though delicious, is not tea.

Tea bowl

If you have a tea bowl, bring it to the ceremony! A mug or a small bowl from your kitchen is just fine too. 

Tea dish

You need a small dish to hold your tea - any small tray or bowl will do!  

Tea Trivet

Make sure you have a trivet or folded up towel next to you, to safely place your hot kettle by your side.

Water discard bowl

This can be any bowl/pot/vessel that you have around the house that is bigger than your tea bowl.


You will need a kettle to heat and pour your water.

Tea towel

Bring a clean, neatly folded tea towel for spills. 


For tea ceremony, natural spring water is best (but for many of us, hard to find!). Just make sure your water is pure and high quality.

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