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Healing Hour: Plant Spirit Ritual

With winter coming to an end, we're bringing the plant world inside and connecting with Mother Nature in a deeply beautiful ceremony. It's the perfect time to start to work with seeds indoors, and enjoy an herbal infusion to ground you into connection with your plant spirit friend.

You'll get started with a meditation to connect to breath and body. Bring yourself into the present moment and sit for a few moments in grounded silence with yourself and your heart. You'll contemplate a dream you might have brewing in your heart. What seeds are you looking to plant in your life? Take a few moments to write in your journal on this dream that you hold in your heart.

After meditation, you'll draw cards and hear their readings. Then you'll begin the Plant Spirit Ritual by connecting with your plant friend and brewing an infusion. You'll move onto planting the seeds of your plant friend to close the ceremony.

For this practice you will need:

  • A plant friend of choice, edible and safe to ingest. You’ll need it in two forms:
  1. Seeds to plant (easily available at any garden store)
  2. Dried herb to infuse (available at a herbal shop or health food store)

Choose any plant spirit you are intuitively drawn to! For this practice, we love chamomille, lemon balm, mint, stinging nettle, lavender, rosemary, thyme… Pick a plant friend you can easily find in seed form and dried to infuse.

  • A pot
  • Some soil (enough to fill the pot)
  • Water (in a glass or watering can)
  • Tea strainer or tea bag (to infuse the herbs)
  • Hot water and teacup/mug
  • Notebook and pen

Journaling prompt:

"A seed I want to plant in my life right now, is..."

Oracle card deck(s) are:

Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer

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