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Prenatal Yoga

In this special hour of healing movement, take time to connect with your body and your growing baby. This class is a prenatal yoga class, designed especially for pregnant people, but is suitable for all and everyone is welcome to join.

Listen to what feels good in your body as you modify your practice to make the poses accessible for all stages of pregnancy, as Rachel guides you through this gentle and nourishing yoga sequence. Begin with a grounding meditation that will give you quiet space to really connect with your baby, then begin to bring in gentle movements with shoulder opening and gentle twists. Finding easy Cat/Cow [Marjaryasana/Bitilasana], then moving to a restful and supported Child’s Pose [Balasana] and Downward Facing Dog [Adho Mukha Svanasana]. Continuing to move slowly as you begin to work with your chair for support; starting with a high lunge, supported standing wide legged twists, and seated Pigeon Pose [Kapotasana]. Easing down to the floor, finding Double Pigeon pose [Agnistambhasana], and finally resting in a supported Savassana.

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