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Finding Balance During Pregnancy

With all of the prenatal changes occurring in your growing and evolving body, sometimes it can be challenging to find balance, especially in your practice. Use this class to ground into the present moment, root down into the earth, and find stability from within! This class can be taken by all, even if you are not pregnant, this is a great balancing practice!

Starting in a seated position, you'll check in and notice where you need to find balance, then begin to transition into a place of inner harmony. You'll connect to your breath, creating a beautiful dance of the breath between inviting in and letting go. Listen to the sound of your breath and connect to the sound of your heart, grounding and rooting into the present. Begin by gently stretching the neck and wrists, then move through a grounding flow, challenging your stability early in the practice. Progress into an invigorating balancing sequence, incorporating support from the yoga blocks and a deep Half Pigeon Pose (Ardha Kapotasana). Rachel offers a modified Savasana especially beneficial for those in their second and third trimester. This class will help you embrace your changing body, and gracefully transition into a balanced state by focusing on the here and now!

For this class, 2 blocks are recommended for additional support.