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Solar Hip Flow favorite_border

Vinyasa Flow - 57m

Teacher: Bee Bosnak

Level: 1+

Class type: Hips


Join Bee in this energizing Solar Hip Flow sequence designed to invigorate the hips and entire body while calming the mind. Gently begin by arriving on your mat just the way you are, let go of expectations, learn to be at home in your body and your practice. Move through Sun Salutations and powerful standing sequences to exercise not only the body, but repeatedly work the mind to choose to detach from the physical outcome of the pose. Learn to just enjoy your Asana practice as it is. Bee incorporates compassion and intention with the physical practice so that you can move through attachments and release expectation while activating and strengthening the hips. You will then move into options for arm balances and inversions before relaxing into a deep Savasana, giving your mind, body and spirit the chance to thoroughly reset and release.