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New Year's Intention Setting Ceremony for 2021

Join Rachel for her annual New Year's Intention Setting Ceremony! Start with a guided Kundalini-inspired active meditation to shake off the past year and resettle the nervous system, then journal on different areas of your life to fully embody what's to come in this next chapter. Solidify your intentions and affirmations through dance, gain clarity on your goals, bring your dreams to the surface, and step into your highest potential for the new year ahead. Finish the process by creating a special ritual that you can do at midnight on New Year's Eve!

For this class, you will need your journal and a pen, a comfortable space to sit, and a little bit of space for the shaking/dancing portions.

Music is provided in this class, but if you'd like to increase the volume or listen to these songs later, the Spotify playlist can be found here.

After this session, be sure to join us for 108 Sun Salutations!

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