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Mantras for Abundance

If you’re looking for a bit of positive energy to make you feel more abundant and alive, this class is for you! One of the most powerful tools from the yoga tradition is Mantra. Mantra helps to support and train the mind, tuning into higher vibrational frequencies, while increasing feelings of peace and well-being. You will begin with a Mantra to Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, to help remove anything in the way of what you'd like to accomplish. You will then practice the Lakshmi Mantra, honoring the goddess of abundance, and call in joy and abundance. The last Mantra is a Tibetan Mantra, calling upon the jewel in the heart of the lotus, to represent wholeness. You have everything that you need right here, right now, and using this Mantra practice will help you to realize your abundant potential.

For this practice, a blanket or block is optional for seated support.

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