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Ida Nadi Pranayama and Meditation favorite_border

Pranayama - 14m

Teacher: Ashley Albrand

Level: All-Levels

Class type: Full Body


Join Ashley in this gentle Pranayama and meditation practice working with the intuitive lunar channel. The Ida Nadi is the feminine, nurturing channel and this meditation will help to deepen your feminine, intuitive side no matter how you identify. Begin with breathwork to clear the left channel and visualize receiving something you would like to come into your life as you practice surrender and open up to infinite possibilities. You will then move through a gentle Vinyasa flow to open up the left side of the body using Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) and other variations.

For this class, a block and a blanket or two are optional.

Balance both channels by connecting with your masculine, Pingala Nadi, in Pingala Nadi and The Solar Masculine Energy.