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Deep Core Stability

Create more stability, strength, and awareness in your body’s center and core as Rocky Heron guides you through a series of movements ranging from simple and subtle to more dynamic and active while offering variations to increase or decrease difficulty. If you are a beginner or new to core exercises and movements, this is a great class to lay down the foundation for developing deep core strength that will keep your spine, pelvis, limbs, and the rest of your body more balanced as you progress in your practice. Rather than moving quickly through intense core drills, Rocky leads you through a gentler and more mindful approach to core-strengthening and invites you to explore your ability to maintain stability with fine-tuned awareness and focus.

Be sure to grab two blocks, a blanket, and have a smooth surface close by to try all the variations Rocky offers in this class. If you are practicing on carpet, grab paper plates, cardboard, or other props that enable you to slide on the surface.