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Choosing Love Over Fear

Join Jen as she leads you through a Vinyasa flow class that will help you to choose love over fear. At the end of the day, did you react from the heart with love, or react from a place of fear? In this class, Jen helps you rewire your brain to constantly choose love over fear, love over everything else, physically breathing in love and expansion, exhaling fear and doubt. Start with a short, guided meditation, locating where you might have placed fear in the body, and breathing it out mindfully. Watch your confidence increase as you begin to connect to love and community.

Choose your own mantra to work with throughout this class, and constantly return to it as other thoughts arise. Move through postures and sequences designed to fit and be modified for all shapes of yogis and yoginis. Physically expand your heart through heart-opening poses, and increase your courage and confidence through strength-building asanas. Release fear from the body and open up areas of tightness created by stress. This practice is great for any time of day, especially if you are craving conscious, mindful movement. Reset your mind and connect to a place of love.