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Yoga Girl Daily - October 30th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

As you meditate today, allow yourself to soften into the body and relax into whatever shape you’re in.

Any difficulty that arises in this practice comes from the mind telling you how it should be. Instead, accept that the mind will continue to produce thoughts and use them as a loving reminder to bring yourself back to the breath; back to the body, back to the present moment, back home.


[00:45] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, you beautiful human being you! It's Wellbeing Wednesday today. Time for us to practice a little bit of meditation. And I'm hoping that these episodes really are serving you in ways that actually help you grow into a place where you feel comfortable to sit in this practice more times than just once a week. So, consider these episodes just a little doorway into learning more about who you are, right? And so becoming comfortable dwelling in that silent place. So today let's begin with a cleansing breath and these cleansing breaths really, if you put some intention behind them, whatever you've been holding onto before this practice, right? Anything you're entering this practice with, imagine this big exhale through the mouth, helping you release and sweep away and let go of whatever's in the way right now so that you can really drop into that place of presence with your breath. Let's go ahead and take a huge deep breath in through the nose and then open the mouth. Let it all go.

[02:09] And then the moment you release that breath out through the nose, let yourself soften into the body. So eyes closed and we don't have to keep any particular kind of posture for this practice, but you can just relax into whatever shape you're in. And for our practice today, we're going to keep it very, very simple and continue to bring our awareness back to the breath. And when I say continue to bring our awareness back to the breath, it means that we will naturally accept that thoughts will come up right the mind, the ego will continue to produce thoughts and that that's okay. And it's a natural part of this process. But that every time you find your, your mind creating a little thought or you find yourself thinking about something, how did that serve a beautiful reminder to bring your awareness back to the breath.

[03:04] So that's the practice of meditation. It's coming back to the breath, which means coming back to present moment awareness, coming back to the body. Bring yourself back to this room, back to this moment here, now again and again and again. And then noticing the breath in and the breath out and all the subtle changes that happen within the body with each cycle of breath. And then every time you find yourself drifting off a little bit, the moment you catch yourself and go, Oh, I just thought of something beautiful. Come back home, come back to the breath, come back here now, noticing what's moving through the body. Each time you breathe in and each time you breathe out, there was a moment of expansion within the body. When you breathe in, there's that moment of contraction within the body. When you breathe out, noticing those very subtle qualities of the breath, how it's changing that giving and receiving of your life force and then whenever a thought pops back up, habits serve as that loving reminder to come back home.

[04:21] Because matter of fact is that your home is here, now. Your home is your breath, your home is this moment. Your home is this body that you have been so blessed to receive in this life. And in a way, of course our thoughts are very connected to this practice because without them we wouldn't have that reminder to come back the practices to create a little more space between each one of our thoughts and also to not react to the thoughts when they come up. It’s just to look at them in this absolutely neutral light. It's just the thought, nothing else come back home and then another thought will come up and then you go, Oh, a thought, interesting. It's just a thought. We don't have to connect it to something good nor bad. Just have it serve as that loving reminder to come back to the breath, back to the body, back to the heart again and again and again. Let's take another few breaths just as we are here.

[05:41] And if just like me, you're feeling this very calm sensation right around the center of your heart right now. Perhaps you want to continue this meditation a little while longer. Please do so. The moment this podcast is over. Give another five minutes to just be present, and every time you find that thought popping back up, just bring your awareness back to the breath and then continue practicing that back to the breath. Back to the breath, back to the breath. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. I hope you give yourself many, many opportunities for the rest of this week to come back home. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]