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Yoga Girl Daily - March 9th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Yoga, Self-Love, Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

We could all use a little extra motivation to get on our yoga mats. This week, we are making it our intention to commit to a daily practice.

Tune in as Rachel shares how to commit to a yoga practice and what exactly to do on the mat. The benefits of yoga are clear - it keeps our bodies strong and spacious, it frees our minds so we feel at ease, and it allows us to ask ourselves what we need right here, right now.

The next step is to gift yourself undisturbed time to move your body with intention and presence, every damn day.


[00:31] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday! It's a brand-new week, brand new day. I hope you've had an amazing weekend and it's time for us right now to sit down and anchor into a great intention to bring us through the week. I have an intention in mind for us this week that I think is something that we sometimes oversee, especially since this is the Yoga Girl Community, this is the Yoga Girl Podcast. Sometimes I feel like I just assume that everybody listening is into yoga or has a daily yoga practice and everybody, regardless if we're new to the yoga practice, if we're interested into the yoga practice or if we already have a practice since long, everybody could use a little motivation to get on the yoga mat. And that's what I really want us to anchor into this week.

[01:27] I just had a couple of weeks traveling and coming home right now, the most important thing that I can really feel is immediately shifting for me when I'm home is that need like how much I ached for the routine of being able to roll out my mat at the same time or around the same time every single day to step into my home practice. And it's a harder thing to do when we're traveling and we have transitions. And there's something about that routine, that just knowing that every day I'm giving myself that gift of undisturbed time, of moving my body with intention, with presence, feeling into my body, my spirit, my heart, asking myself that super important question, what do I need? And for me, that's what my yoga practice gives me every day. Of course, it also helps me to keep my body really strong and helps create space and keeps me away from injury and pain.

[02:18] And all of that is really important too. But really this practice for me is more about the daily ritual of having time for myself. So wherever you're at on your own yoga journey, you know, if you're just thinking about trying it out, or maybe you just started practicing and that's how you made your way to this podcast, or you have a well versed practice for a long time, we're going to take this week to anchor into the intention of practicing every single day. Yoga every damn day! You might've heard of that. So let's start right now by just on your own, take a moment to really decide on a time of day that you know works the best for you to step on your mat. It's super different for all of us, and we'll go through cycles where this changes a little bit, but for me it used to be first thing in the morning, like waking up.

[03:03] I’d roll out my mat. I loved practicing around sunrise. It was one of those things where just, it just feels really great starting off your date with the yoga practice and maybe for you it's that first thing in the morning before you do anything else, before you head off to work. Taking that time to have your practice help you set the tone for the day. For me right now where I'm at, I have a kid and you know I'm a little bit busier. Mornings aren't so peaceful for me anymore. I've found that the best time for me to practice really is whenever the opportunity arises. Sometimes it's around lunch when my daughter is sleeping and sometimes it's after she had gone to bed for the day. So sometimes late at night at eight or nine o'clock, but deciding on that time for this week where you know that this is a good moment for you to set that routine so that you wake up and you practice at the same time every morning, or you choose that lunch hour every day this week after you come home from work to wind down or right before bed, whatever fits you the best.

[03:55] And I want to take a moment just to hone in on the fact that it doesn't matter all that much what exactly you're doing on the mat. So if you're picking up Power Vinyasa flow to sweat or something restorative or a yin practice, or giving yourself time to just on your own, feel into what your body needs, doing something different every day. What matters is that you give yourself this gift of self-care, that you take care of yourself everyday through moving your body in any way you need that day. And that might mean that your yoga practice will look super different every single day. Actually, I think it absolutely should. So this week we set the intention to practice yoga every day. Let's get on our mats. Let's reinvigorate that passion for this practice that actually brought us all together, stepping on the mat and perhaps finding a little more motivation to get back to our practice if you've lost it a little bit, or just to motivate yourself to actually practice every day instead of just once or twice a week, wishing you a wonderful week ahead, a wonderful week filled with practice. I want to hear how you're feeling, how this practice is going for you, so check in with me on social media if you like. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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