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Yoga Girl Daily - June 30th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Self-Love, Growth

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About the Episode

How many times have you stayed up when you were tired, held back tears when you were sad, or denied yourself food when you were hungry? How often do you ignore what your body is telling you?

We all do this, but the question is - why? Tune in today as Rachel shares the practices that bring her into her body, and what keeps her from it. Then, grab your journal or a friend and contemplate for yourself.

What would your life look like if you answered your body’s call?


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. So this week we set the intention to really listen to the body, to try to allow ourselves more moments of being totally present in the body and to let the body lead the way. Today for our Tune-In Tuesday, for our contemplation practice, I really want to take a moment for each of us just to really acknowledge, first of all, why we don't listen to the body in the first place. And this is such a, I've been contemplating this myself just because I've had a big eye-opening couple of weeks of being much more present in my body than I normally am. And I'm the kind of person who, you know, I do a lot of yoga. I practice a ton of meditation. I have this idea that I am present, and I take good care of my body and I am very good at listening to my body.

[00:56] I have all of these tools, right? But what I've realized is that I have these dedicated moments of my day, where I have a practice that allows me to be present in my body. So usually for me, that's yoga, Dynamic Meditation, my meditation practice, some sort of movement, usually when I'm on my own. And then the rest of the day, you know, there's still, you know, 23 hours left to a whole day. There's a lot of time left in that space where actually I need that reminder to be present and to listen to my body when I'm off the mat. And I've been contemplating lately, you know, what are the reasons behind me actually not listening to my body in those really important moments.

[01:45] And that's exactly what I want to contemplate today. An example of that is for instance, you know, at the end of the day, in the evening time, I get really, really, really tired, right around 8:30 or 9:00pm. Really tired. And you know, it's my body telling me, I had a long day, you know, most of my days, these days feel like long days somehow. And what do I do when I get that feeling of total tiredness? You know, if I would really listen and just really answer my body's call, what my body's craving on those days when I'm so tired, I could just pass out at 8:30 is probably to go to bed and even saying it right now. You know, I could just laugh because it's so silly that I don't, right? I don't. I have this idea that, you know, 8:30 or 9:00pm is way too early to go to bed.

[02:34] Like I'm missing out on an evening. I also have this idea that, you know, that the special time, like a time for me to really reward myself for the day comes in the evening time. Like if I want to read or watch a movie, or, you know, I also want to stay up with my husband and we have that kind of special time just alone when our daughter's sleeping, she sleeps at 7:00pm every day. So oftentimes what I do is because I have idea of there's something better for me, right? And I push through that moment of tiredness and I'll get up and I'll move around or, you know, I'll do something else. I won't go to sleep. And then what happens is around 10:30 or 11:00pm, when I'm ready to go to bed, then I'm wide awake. And I find myself in these little cycles or spirals of having a hard time going to bed because I neglected the time when my body told me that now it's bedtime.

[03:28] And I really want to change that. I really want to change that. Not saying that, you know, for the rest of my life, I'm never going to stay up late with my husband again. No, of course those sacred hours after our daughter goes to sleep, I want to keep them. But what would my life look like if I actually answered my body's call for rest right away, you know? And what's in the way, why don't I do that? And that's exactly what I want you to contemplate for yourself today as well. So taking a moment to really define what are the moments in your day when you know, your body speaks to you, but you don't listen or you choose to go the other way, right? So perhaps for you, it's not around sleep or bedtime, but maybe there's pain in your body. Sometimes our bodies speak to us through pain, right?

[04:13] Sometimes our body speaks to us through emotion. It's like, you might feel pain somewhere in the body and still push on. You keep doing that exercise. Or you keep moving forward with whatever form of movement that you have, even though it bothers you, right. Or emotion, it could be emotion that your body's telling you, man, I'm really sad. Like I could really use a good cry, but then sometimes do you swallow those tears? And you put on a smile because you're an adult and you've got to get through your day. Right? Or how often do we eat a lot, even though we're not hungry. Right? Or have you ever had moments where you deny yourself food? Even though you're hungry. Just take a moment today to really journal on all the moments you don't listen to the body and see if you can catch one particular one that's speaking to you right now.

[04:57] Perhaps it's around emotion. Perhaps it's around rest and sleep, maybe around a movement, maybe pain, maybe health. I ignored signals from my body a year and a half, two years ago for a long time until I got to a place of burnout. Had I listened to my body earlier? You know, I think my life would have looked really different. So today, journal on the reasons that you don't listen to your body and see if you can find a nugget of gold within, some sort of wisdom, some sort of learning around why you have these patterns. What is the idea that you're pushing through for, or perhaps is there something hiding in that moment that's hard to be present with? That's a big one and that's a big one for me too, learning how to truly slow down and allowing myself to rest.

[05:48] Even when my mind tells me there's other things that are more fun or more important. So thank you so much for practicing this. I think this a really important thing to journal on. And if you want to flip this journaling prompt on its head after you've journaled on the reasons that you don't listen to your body, how about journaling in that positive way as well? If I would listen to my body, I would... What would that look like? What would your day look like? How would you feel? Yeah, go explore. Thanks so much for a contemplating with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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