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Yoga Girl Daily - February 7th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Growth, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

Today’s episode features an emotional poem written by Rachel.

Are you struggling to know who you are when all your layers have been peeled back? Who is hiding beneath the surface of what you are expected to be? What is left after the labels, boxes and ideas we have about ourselves are stripped away?

Tune in to figure it out.


[00:04] Happy Friday and welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, you guys! I am happy that it's the end of the week right now. It's Feel-Good Friday, so I am excited to share with you a little piece of writing to bring us into that wonderful vibration of feeling something inside of our hearts. I'm a little nervous right now, which is funny to me. I actually don't know why. But I'm going to read a poem today that I wrote myself. I've had this idea that I'm not a very creative person. I've had this, it's another limiting belief that I have, is that I'm not a poetic person, which actually isn't true. And this poem I wrote in my journal one morning last week, just contemplating, you know, what it means to slow down, what it means to figure out who I really am. All those big questions that, last year and this new year, have brought me… and this poem came pouring out of me.

[01:06] I wrote it all in one go. And I actually shared it on Instagram already last week. So, I don't know why I feel nervous to read it, because chances are you've already read it. If you haven't, this is called: Who Am I?

Who am I when I'm not creating, when I'm not succeeding, when I'm not performing, when I'm not working? Who am I?

Who am I when I'm not fixing, when I'm not helping, when I'm not providing, when I'm not gluing pieces of people back together, who am I?

Who am I when I'm not pretty, when I'm not polite, when I'm not perfect, when I'm not pretending, who am I? Who am I when I'm not busy, when I'm not productive, when I'm not important, when I'm not getting anything done, who am I? Who am I when I'm not skinny, when I'm not healthy, when I'm not inspiring, when I'm not strong, who am I?

Who am I when I'm not of service, when I'm not changing anybody's life, when I'm not saving anybody's life, when I'm not responsible for anything, who am I?

Who am I when I'm not in control, when I'm not responsible, when I'm not taking charge, when it's not up to me, who am I? Who am I when I'm not famous? When I'm not teaching, when I'm not influencing, when I'm not looked at anymore, who am I?

Who am I when I'm not a mother, when I'm not a wife, when I'm not a sister, when I'm not a daughter (especially then), who am I? Who am I when I fail, when I stop, when I give up, when I stop everything, when I just can't.

What if who I am is who I am when I am still?

[03:16] Thank you for listening. For me, this poem really answers the question of who I am or begins to peel at the layers of what's hiding who I am. All these ideas we have about ourselves, who we're supposed to be, what we're supposed to do. What if we start to peel all of those things away, one at a time? What's left? What's beneath those labels? What's beneath those boxes? What's beneath those ideas we have about what we have to do and who we have to be in a day, what's left, what then? If I place my hands on my heart right now and take a breath, I know underneath all of that, what's left is love. Love lives right here. Thank you so much for letting me read this for you today. I'm really grateful that you're here and that you're listening. I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead and Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

[End of Episode]