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Yoga Girl Daily - July 16th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Why are the most crucial self-care practices usually the ones that are the hardest to begin?

Transformation takes discipline and motivation, so it’s not always easy, even when we know it’s good for us.

Today’s practice will allow you to add an extra layer of gratitude to the practices that transform you the most. Tune in and anchor into that practice today.

When it’s hard, that’s your body letting you know what it needs.


[00:49] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday, and welcome to our gratitude practice of the week. It's Thankful Thursday today, so time to put some gratitude into action. This week, we set a really big intention around getting super serious on what our self-care practices are, so getting a little more disciplined in terms of how we take care of ourselves. Today I want to center our gratitude practice around the practice that you have in your life right now that helps you take care of you that's the most important in this moment. And we've done this before, you know, sending gratitude or connecting to a place of gratitude to a practice that helps us in our life. But today I really want you to pick that practice that is hard for you to get to, because those moments, you know, those practices, that aren't super easy, the ones that we have to dig in a little bit deeper to actually get to, those are the ones that really bring on the magic. That is where the transformation happens. I think we all have this comfort zone when it comes to our self-care and some things are going to be easier than others. I know for me personally, in the beginning, starting therapy was a really hard thing to do, to be that vulnerable and that open with a stranger, you know, every single week.

[02:15] And now it's become this thing that's totally within my comfort zone that I love and enjoy doing every single week. So I think it's good to find and really figure out what is that thing that you know is crucial to your wellbeing. The thing that you know is so important when it comes to you feeling connected in this life, to you feeling some sense of balance, grounding, peace in your life. What is that practice that helps you get there, but that you know is hard to get to. Does that make sense? So I go through phases where I feel really lazy. You know, I feel like I don't want to move my body at all. I have no interest in, you know, going for a run or having a dance party or even going to yoga class. It’s really normal to go through those cycles of sometimes we feel more motivated other times we don't.

[03:04] But I find that the times when I feel the most sluggish or the times when it's the hardest for me to move my body, those are the times when I need it the absolute most. Really, it really is. So, what's the practice that you have in your life right now, that is hard for you to get to, but that you know you really need? And perhaps this is just a little habit that, you know you should be doing every single day or a routine, something that's part of your day to day, maybe it's something you do weekly. What's a practice that isn't so easy to get to, right? The one that just doesn't come naturally to you all the time, but that, you know, you need a little more discipline to get to every single week. Take a moment to focus on that one.

[03:49] For me, something that I've realized is a big part of my self-care that is really hard for me to commit to, and regardless of how much time I really spent focusing on this, I still struggle with it every day. And that is going to bed at a reasonable time. I don't know what it is about my brain, but it starts to fire up right around 10:00 PM. My brain tells me there is a myriad of things that I'll be missing out on if I go to bed. And oftentimes I end up staying up till 11:30pm or sometimes even midnight and wake up, wake up at six every morning, right? So not necessarily good for me at all. And going to bed at an earlier hour is something I need one of discipline around, right. Really anchoring into that space inside of myself, where I remember the feeling of having gotten eight or more hours of sleep in a night, how amazing I feel in the morning when that happens.

[04:40] And that's exactly what I want to bring some gratitude toward personally today is my ability to recognize my body's need for rest and stay disciplined and with my sleep, which I'm pretty doing pretty well around right now, this week, last week, not so much, right? So finding out for yourself, what is that practice that, you know, you need more discipline around, but that you know is so valuable to you. I want you to connect to that practice today and really anchor into a space of gratitude. Deeply, deeply find that gratitude. So especially when you have a hard day, right, when it's hard to get to that practice, remembering the feeling of gratitude that you actually experienced after having completed that practice, feeling grateful for the changes this practice actually brings into your life. The feeling this practice brings you, whether it's a feeling of rest or peace or calm or connectedness or higher energy levels or whatever benefit it is you get from this practice.

[05:40] Bring gratitude to that right now. And as you're going through your daily gratitude practice, perhaps some gratitude for this specific hard thing is something you need to come to every single day. So, for me, an easy thing is every morning when I wake up and I've had a good night's sleep, just taking a moment to close my eyes and just say, thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so grateful for this night's sleep. And it invites me into that place of remembering how valuable it is and how great I feel when I have a long sleep. So I can return to it again that very same night. So I hope you anchor deeply into gratitude for this practice that's only yours today. Thank you so much for listening. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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