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Yoga Girl Daily - January 21st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

The idea of freedom means something different to each of us. What does it mean to you?

To find the answer, we need to reflect on the times when we felt completely restricted, weighed down, pressured and held back, as well as the times that we felt spacious, light and liberated.

Tune in today - there may just be a big realization waiting for you around the corner.


[00:47] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, you guys! I am so excited to be talking to you today. Tuesday of course is Tune-In Tuesday here at Yoga Girl Daily and one of my favorite practices of all time, which is everything that revolves around self-contemplation and self-inquiry. I have a topic in mind for us today that is something I've personally been contemplating a lot, not just this year, but over the course of the months leading up to this new year, new decade, and that is… freedom. I have this huge sense of needing freedom in a way that I've never really felt in my life before. And for me that sense of freedom, meaning that I am free to make my own decisions, that I'm free to choose for myself, that I'm free to decide how I spend my time.

[01:50] That feeling of not being weighed down or locked in or pressured by anything that maybe I actually don't want to do. So, to inquire today within ourselves. I think this is just such a wonderful topic because freedom means different things for each of us and to find out what actually gives us a sense of freedom, we have to inquire a little bit into what is holding us back, what restricts us in this moment? So, let’s like a moment just to close the eyes. You can bring a hand to the heart, maybe a hand to the belly if you like, and let's take a very, very present deep breath in, open the mouth and let something go.

[02:39] Taking a moment to tune in into the body, into the breath, just becoming very, very present in this moment. So we'll be answering two questions today. The first one is: When do you feel restricted or confined in your life? Can you think back to a specific situation or moment in your life or perhaps it's a pattern that you find yourself in again and again, when you feel restricted or confined or when you feel stuck or pressured. So, the opposite of feeling free or spacious and see just where your mind takes you immediately. Perhaps you have something ongoing, an area in your life right now where you are feeling stuck. Perhaps there's something manifesting in your life right now that feels like it's holding you back or maybe you are a part of that process of holding yourself back or confining yourself to an idea about who you are or perhaps it's a relationship that feels old and stuck or rigid.

[03:37] Just take a moment to connect to a moment in life, situations, scenarios where you felt like you were totally boxed in and then notice immediately what that creates inside of the body. We can connect to memories or remember moments like that, and then almost immediately in the body we start to feel a little bit restricted. You might notice your face tensing up a little bit or your shoulders right up toward your ears. Just without feeling like you have to change that, notice what it feels like just to remember a moment of being restricted or stuck. And let's take another deep breath in and out.

[04:19] And now bringing your awareness to a moment in your life, perhaps something that's playing out now, or a moment in your life or in your past where you have felt absolutely, totally free and really connect to that feeling of that. So, it can be something that happened to you long ago, could be a situation you were in. It can be something amazing that came your way. Just something that gives you a sense of freedom. Perhaps it's something that you actually do in your day to day life. Maybe it's a self-care practice that you have or you know, we can feel very free and spacious in our yoga practice or perhaps when you dance or when you go for a run or when you're letting some creative outlet get really fired up. So just noticing or bringing your awareness to that place of spaciousness, a moment in your life where you felt totally free, totally open, totally expanded, maybe even limitless and lingering in that feeling of freedom just a little bit longer. And then let's take another deep full breath in and out.

[05:31] And recognizing that sometimes the biggest expression of freedom follows having felt restricted or stuck. So if you are in a place right now in your life where you are feeling stagnant or like you're fighting really hard to expand, but you're not getting anywhere, perhaps that's the universe preparing you for a massive amount of freedom that's coming your way soon. To really grasp freedom, to really put it into our intentions that I want to feel free, we don't get to that place if we haven't at one or some point in our lives felt totally stuck. So take this as a little nudge from the universe to acknowledge and perhaps even invite some gratitude into that feeling of stagnation or that feeling of being restricted, knowing that you have the ability to create space and freedom, and perhaps that big feeling of release is right around the corner. And if you have that freedom giving practice in your life, then this week or even today, let's do a little bit more of that, more of what brings you that feeling of spaciousness and feeling totally free. You deserve it. Thank you so much for tuning into Yoga Girl Daily today. I'll be back tomorrow.

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