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Yoga Girl Daily - August 18th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Healing, Growth

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About the Episode

Do you ever move through life feeling low, or heavy, or sad - but you aren’t sure why?

Today’s practice will help you get to the root of whatever is challenging you and connect the dots in your life.

If you aren’t sure what is triggering you, you can never process it, find a solution, and let it go.

Tune in today to ask yourself what is weighing heavy on your heart.

The answer will bring you a little closer to your truth.


[01:15] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. So, every single Tuesday, we dive into a particular topic for us to contemplate, and the purpose of this is of course, for us to get to know ourselves a little bit better. I always recommend using the Tuesday topics as a journaling prompt so that we can journal on this a little bit deeper after this episode. And if you have the opportunity to, to share with a friend or with a loved one. So, using this as a conversation starter, or perhaps to drop into a sacred sharing.

[02:01] Today I want us to contemplate something that is weighing heavy on us right now. And this is one of those things that usually we don't like to go into this kind of contemplation of contemplating what's weighing heavy on us. What's challenging, what's painful? You know, it's much more fun to contemplate the things that are lifting us up and that are exciting and what we're grateful for. But the reason why contemplating challenging things is really important is because for many of us, we walk around feeling a little bit heavy, feeling a little bit weighed down or sad or low, but we're not exactly sure as to why. So, what an exercise like this can do is it can bring about the amount of awareness that you need to actually be able to connect the dots in your life and to get aware enough of your emotional state, your triggers, the things that are unfolding in your life that you can actually catch them when they arrive.

[03:01] So, to cut yourself some slack to remind yourself again and again to be kind, and to remember that you feel this way for a reason, right? And perhaps by contemplating what's making you feel heavy, you can find either a solution in there, maybe the ability to process something to let something surface, or maybe even to let something go. So, let's take a moment just the way we are here now to close our eyes for a moment. If you want to place the hands to your heart space, just to increase that direct connection to your heart center, go ahead and do that. And let's take a really deep breath. So, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

[03:53] So, what is weighing heavy on you right now? Contemplating an area of your life that's challenging you right now or contemplating something that's hurting right now. An area of your life where you're experiencing some pain, maybe some struggle, or perhaps just that feeling of being weighed down by something, you know, something that perhaps you have a longing to release or to let go of. And take a moment just to notice where your awareness lands immediately. If perhaps you're in a challenging relationship right now, you have a relationship or person that's challenging you, maybe an experience, something that's left lingering from long ago, and it's weighing on your heart right now, perhaps the state of the world is weighing you down. Take a moment just to see what comes up by just contemplating something that's weighing heavy on your heart in this moment.

[05:00] Then the moment you get to that thing or experience or baggage or whatever the answer to that is right now, see if you can go a little bit deeper in terms of exploring why that is. So, for me right now personally, definitely the state of the world is starting to weigh really heavy on me. I'm having a hard time aligning actually where the world is at right now with my inner space. Every time I see a young child walking around with a mask, I have this moment where my heart goes, Oh, you know, there's something about this that just doesn't feel right. You know, this whole pandemic, that to seems like it's never ending and the new things that keep arising for all of us across the globe, the challenges, the laws, the injustice, I'm definitely going through sometime right now where I can feel the weight of the world and everything that the products here and just the reality that we're facing as a community, as humanity right now.

[06:11] So, whatever is weighing heavy on you, or perhaps what's weighing heavy if you're having a lot of things to contemplate in this moment, take a moment just to go a little bit deeper - why is it that this particular thing is weighing so heavy on you and perhaps is there something that you can create for yourself that perhaps can allow you to ease some of this weight or to put some of it down, to let some of it go. Perhaps there's someone you can ask for help, right? Maybe there is a small shift or change you can make in your day to day to help you carry this, or perhaps there is something big, something radical, you know, in terms of how you're practicing self-care right now, or boundaries that perhaps you need to set. Maybe there are something that you can actually take action around just to help you put some of this weight down to make your day to day life a little bit easier to bear.

[07:13] So, if you're journaling on this today, a great prompt just to dive right in is, “Something that's weighing heavy on my heart right now is…” and then see where that prompt takes you. And if you'd like to have a structured moment of sharing with someone that you trust in your life, then take 10 minutes each right, to just share on this heavy weight, this feeling of pain, of sadness, of feeling low or whatever it is you're experiencing in connection to this. What does it feel like? How does it affect you? You know, what's actually truthfully moving across your heart in this moment? And then give your partner the chance to do the same kind of sharing, just listening so you can have that beautiful exchange of holding space for each other. We all deeply need that right now. So hoping that this prompt, this sharing, this contemplation can bring you to a place that's a little closer to the truth of what you're going through so that we have a bit more awareness and of course, a bit more kindness toward ourselves as we navigate our day to day. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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