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Yoga Girl Daily - June 23rd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth, Love, Healing

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About the Episode

Getting to know yourself on a deep, intimate level can greatly impact your healing journey - and that includes the parts of your life that are hard for you to talk about.

What is an area of your life, or a story from your past, that can’t quite come to the surface right now?

Tune in, grab your journal or a friend, feel for the answer within your heart, and go at your own pace.

There is a part of you that wants to let that go.


[01:13] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. So, every Tuesday we pick a topic to contemplate, to journal about, and most importantly, to talk about. Yesterday, we set the intention for the week to bring some light into the dark and to allow ourselves to actually talk about and share whatever is weighing us down. So, I'm hoping that you're anchoring into that as a practice this week, and of course today, I want to contemplate and give all of us an opportunity to contemplate that just a little bit deeper.

[01:55] So, if you want to close your eyes for just a moment, you can place a hand to your heart center if you like, just to deepen that connection between your head and your heart. So, taking a moment right now, just to feel, just to check in, what is it that's unfolding in your life right now, or what is it that's unfolding inside of you that's hard for you to talk about? That’s our topic for the day. What is hard for you to open up about, to bring some light toward, to really share. And if you give yourself a moment just to really feel for an answer, instead of think about an answer, right? We usually, we go about these questions, we begin from that level of the mind and we try to think about what the answer is, but for this, I really want you to just give yourself an opportunity to feel. What is that area of your life, or maybe it's a story from your past, maybe it's a wound, maybe it's some pain that you're carrying. What is it that you know is hard for you to touch on? That's hard for you to share. That's hard for you to speak out loud. And take a breath into that place, open the mouth and exhale.

[03:22] No, I'm not saying that all of the areas of our lives and of our past that we have to talk about all of them all the time. No, no, no. We're going to of course move at this at our own pace, but it's a very important, and I think good personal practice to have, to know what area of our lives or of our past is really challenging for us to open up around, so that this is not something that's unconsciously kind of hidden there and something that without awareness that we're just avoiding, or maybe you're keeping a door close to something out of fear, or maybe because you don't feel steady enough, or like you have enough tools to actually share and open up about that part of your life. But maybe, and this is the case, sometimes there's a part of you that actually longs to get some weight off of your chest, right?

[04:15] Maybe there's a part of you that would love to have someone there to listen to you. There's a part of you who would actually love to open up this area, to talk about the pain that's present there, to share the story of whatever it was that happened that now is weighing heavy on you. And we can begin this process very, very gently. I highly suggest finding a therapist or a psychologist or someone, you know, a professional or an expert to talk about, especially if you're going through a really challenging time. But if that feels like a faraway thing, choosing to have a moment in your week where you sit down with a loved one and you just open up about this heavy thing, and it can be beginning as simple as, ‘Today, I feel like…’ and you just open up and you share how you're feeling today.

[05:08] And the next time you have something trigger this area of your life that is hard for you to open up about, perhaps taking that as an opportunity to speak on it just a little bit. And if we don't have a person to talk to, we can talk to ourselves, right? And that's why journaling is such a powerful practice. Journaling, it's like sharing, but you're sharing with yourself. So, you don't have to read it out loud to anybody. It's just you going a little bit deeper into your own heart, but on your own. So, if you want to journal on this topic, if you're interested to see, Hey, maybe I don't know if there's anything in my past or anything painful or anything heavy that is hard for me to talk about. Maybe you're an open book, right? But this can also be really interesting. Is there something there that maybe I'm not aware of as a challenging area of my past? So, you can journal on that by just putting at the top of a brand-new page, ‘It is hard for me to talk about…’, or, ‘It's hard for me to open up about…’.

[06:01] Then give yourself a moment, you know, a sacred moment to just listen, to breathe, to feel and to write whatever comes up. Remember that these practices are designed just to get you a little closer to you, right? It's your own healing journey and whenever a prompt calls your name, take it. If you are sensing now there's an opportunity to heal something old, perhaps take a step in that direction. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Wishing you a day filled with light. I hope you feel supported and grounded all through the week. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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