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Yoga Girl Daily - October 29th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude, Family

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About the Episode

If you are in the process of healing old wounds, it is incredibly important to also recognize the happy moments that shaped you.

Our childhoods are complex and full of so many memories and experiences, but sometimes we need to take a conscious effort to remember the beauty, joy and fun that surrounded us.

What do you look back fondly on? What beautiful moment came your way and made you who you are?

Tune in to discover it.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday, and welcome to our gratitude episode of the week. I am smiling so big right now because every time I sit down to just contemplate, what is our gratitude practice going to be today? It puts a smile on my face, and that is the beauty of this practice. It is impossible to really practice gratitude, I mean, to truly anchor into that feeling of gratitude and for it not to put a smile on your face. I mean, it's such a wonderful and easy practice, especially if you're having a hard day to just turn your day around. So, kudos for making it to this episode already. It's already a sign that you're having a good day, I hope. It is time for us to practice a bit of gratitude, and today I've been contemplating a lot lately, my childhood and the beautiful parts of my childhood. And this is something that's a little bit rare for me.

[01:00] I love to dig into the hard stuff. That's sort of how my mind works. My mind looks for the things that don't work so I can fix it. And I've had a pretty long and hard year in terms of dealing with some old traumas and wounds and things like that. And lately I have been making a conscious effort to bring my awareness to things that happened in my past, particularly things that happened in my childhood that were really deeply beautiful. So, especially if you had a hard childhood, a lot of us did, especially if you're in this process right now of healing old wounds or wounds from when you were little, it's a really good thing to lighten that up a little bit, by continuing to remind yourself of beautiful moments from when you were little too. So, right now, take a moment just to close your eyes.

[01:52] You can place a hand to your heart if you like. Take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. We are going to bring our awareness right now to a moment from your childhood, that you are really grateful for. A moment from your childhood that you are really grateful for, something beautiful that happened when you were little, something truly wonderful, maybe something that changed your life. Something that made an impact in your life. Something you remember that you actually smile fondly whenever that memory comes your way. And then trusting in your intuition right now that wherever your awareness lands. So wherever you, whatever memory shows up for you, that that's an important one. And sometimes when we do a practice like this, especially things surrounding our childhoods, we can be a little surprised, like, Ooh, that memory just came up. I haven't thought about that in a long time.

[02:56] So, noticing what's surfacing for you, what is a memory that you can bring forth right now that you are so grateful for, that you know shaped you in a positive way, or just a beautiful experience of some sort you had when you were little? For me, what comes to mind, and this is also funny because I did this practice a few minutes ago and something totally different came up. Now for me, what came up is I have this really beautiful memory of backpacking through Greece with my mom and my little brother. So, I was probably six or seven and my brother was probably four or five. And we used to do that every summer, pack our backpacks and go from island to island on these big, crazy boats, all around Greece. And I have this really strong memory of lying outside on the deck of one of these boats.

[03:50] And it was a night boat that went through the night, looking up at the sky at the stars with my mother and my brother by my side. And I was really little, but it's one of those things that all I can remember from those moments, it's just pure beauty, joy, and fun. That was a beautiful experience we got to share together when I was little, and I will cherish it always. So, noticing for you, what memory comes up for you? It doesn't have to be something intricate or detailed. It can be something fleeting, something that you can barely grasp. You know, the mind works in those funny ways that every time we bring up a memory, we enforce and also reshape it just a little bit. So, noticing where your awareness landed. What people are involved, what the experience was.

[04:39] And then just taking a moment right now for gratitude, you know, regardless of what came your way when you were little, if your childhood was amazing and light, or if it was hard and challenging or both as it usually is for almost all of us, a little bit of both sides of that. What a beautiful thing that you got to have that experience, right, or that that person was in your life in that way. That you got to travel, if that's what you did, or that you felt supported, that you got to play, that you got to have that beautiful experience or those many beautiful experiences as a child. So, hopefully right now, as you're remembering that or bringing that memory forward, you're sitting with that smile on your face, just like me. Or maybe other emotions are connected to that memory too, in which case just allow them. And then remembering yourself as a child in that moment with that childlike innocence, you know, as children, we look out at the world and the world is amazing and just give yourself as a child and the people who were there in that moment.

[05:45] A big thank you, you know, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so grateful I had that experience. Thank you. Can we take a deep breath into that place of gratitude and exhale. Thank you so much for practicing gratitude with me today. I hope you have a beautiful rest of the day. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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