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Yoga Girl Daily - September 14th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting

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About the Episode

If you imagine yourself at the end of this week, how would you like to feel?

Maybe there is an emotion you have been missing in your life lately that you would like to embody more.

This week’s intention can help you recognize what is missing in your life, set an intention, then take small actions daily to make it true.

If you can envision it, you can achieve it.


[01:07] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone! Happy Monday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you feel ready for the week ahead. So, you guys know every single Monday we set an intention for the week, something to anchor into, something to continue to remind us of what we want to create throughout the week ahead. And today, I want to give all of us an opportunity to really touch on what we personally need this week. So, instead of me giving you the intention, we'll take a moment right now to really find our own intention for the week. Something that we deeply long for, something that we need, right? When I set intentions for my yoga practice, my meditation practice for a new week or a new year, I try to imagine at the end of that, what is the feeling that I really want to be able to embody? So, I think that's a really good way to start just to check in, in terms of what are we missing right now? What am I lacking? What do I want to invite more of? How do I actually want to feel?

[02:16] So, let's take a moment right now just to close our eyes, all of us together. You can place your hands to your heart, if you like, make a physical connection to the body and let us take a cleansing breath here and now. So, deep, full breath in through the nose, open the mouth and let it out. Now taking a moment just to check in with how you're feeling here and now. So, what's moving through the body? What's present in your heart? It's Monday today, so if we have the opportunity to consider this week a clean slate. It's a new day. It's a new week ahead. Regardless of what last week brought your way, we have a lot of potential ahead of us this week. So, take a moment right now, just imagine yourself come end of the week. When it's Sunday, the week has ended, you're ready for the next week. What kind of feeling are you looking to actually experience in the body? How do you want to feel at the end of this week when this week is over? And really try to connect to what resonates as deep and honest truth. How do you want to feel? What's your dream scenario for what you really want to feel when this week is over?

[03:38] Perhaps you just want to feel peace, right? Feel calm, grounded, steady. Maybe you're looking to experience some joy. You know, that feeling of having had a really fun week, just being really, absolutely happy. Maybe you want to feel gratitude and just have that moment where you really can sense and feel the blessings that you have in your life. Maybe you want to feel less alone, right? More connected, part of the whole. Take a moment just to touch on that, what's personally true for you? What feeling do you want to embody come the end of this week? And then once you have the answer to that, that's going to be your intention for this week ahead. So, that little reminder that you can connect to and come back to again and again, envisioning yourself embodying that feeling. So, for me personally, I've had a very, very much of a roller coaster past couple of months.

[04:36] So, when I envision myself at the end of this week, I would love to just feel steady. To not have those high highs and low lows but just to have that sense of calm and peace inside of my body, where I feel grounded and rooted and just totally present here now. So, my personal intention this week is: this week, I will make peace of priority. This week, I will make peace of priority. And what does that look like in an actionable way? Well, it means that I need to carve out the time and the space every day to do the things and the practices that bring me peace, right? So, less of the things that are chaotic or dramatic or intense or high pressure and more of the things that actually bring me that sense of peace in my body. So, take a moment to really touch on your own intention for this week.

[05:28] So, if it's joy, your intention will be, this week I will make joy a priority, or this week I will make gratitude a priority, or this week I will make movement a priority. This week, I will make fun a priority. This week I will make peace a priority. This week I will make energy, excitement, whatever it is you're looking to really invite. And oftentimes that thing that we want to embody is something that we feel like we've been missing over the last few weeks. So, make sure that you set your intention, make it really personal to you, and then make it a priority every single day to do the practices, to give yourself the time and space to actually connect with that feeling. So, if your intention for this week is to feel joy at the end of the week, do things every day that make you happy, even if they're small, right? That's how we actually turn that intention from something that we intend to do or intend to feel to something that's actually happening and playing out in our lives here, now. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. I really hope at the end of this week, you get to feel what you're looking to feel. You get to fully embody and experience that thing that you need so deeply right now. Thanks so much for tuning in. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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