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Yoga Girl Daily - July 21st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Self-Love, Growth

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About the Episode

Have you ever been in a complete state of flow in your life? Or, have you ever faced a crisis but felt an inner knowing that everything would be okay?

These experiences come from our higher self - that part of us that is wise and all-knowing.

In today’s episode, Rachel outlines how to tap into your power and become the most aligned version of yourself. The answer lies in shedding everything that is holding you back.

Tune in to live your best life.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday practice of this week. I am excited to share our topic for contemplation and journaling today because it's something that I've been working really deeply on personally. I want to talk about our higher self today. I think that concept of a higher self is so fascinating. Have you ever been in a state of absolute and total flow where you just seem to, for some magical reason, align yourself with current events in a way where everything just sort of works out, right? Or have you ever find yourself in the middle of a turmoil of some sort of crisis of some big problem, but there was something inside of you that still felt totally calm. Like you knew you were going to make it out on the other end and still be okay. Have you ever had a really strong, intuitive feeling where you've just sort of been able to see how something's going to play out without actually knowing all the facts?

[01:06] All of these things, to me relate to our higher self. Our higher self is the most aligned version of our own selves that we could possibly be. It's that part of us that's absolutely wise and all knowing, you know, where regardless of how many people give you advice at the end of the day, you know what to do and you knew all along. That's your higher self giving you advice and telling you what to do. I think touching on the topic of a higher self of course means we can also contemplate the lower selves or a lower vibrational version of ourselves. I think this relates a lot to the inner critic, the inner critical voice that we have, which is the lower self, the inner best friend, that loving voice, which is a higher version of ourselves, right? But aligning with our higher self basically means living up to our fullest potential, living our best life.

[02:03] We have all had moments where we have felt totally in tune and aligned, right? Maybe it was a long stretch of time. Maybe you had a whole year that was really amazing for some reason. Maybe you had things sort of line up in a way that led you to a place where you just felt at peace and at home inside of yourself. We're all looking to get back to that feeling, right? We're all looking to feel like we belong, to not feel insecure all the time, but to find that confidence, that resides deep within us, where we don't have to explain ourselves all the time, we don't have to play small, where we feel confident enough to be seen and to take up the space that we deserve. What can we do in this now to align ourselves with our higher self? Contemplate a little bit just now, what would your life be like if you were more in alignment with your higher self. If you were able to reside at a higher vibrational frequency than you do most days, what would that version of you look like?

[03:03] What are some opportunities that maybe would present themselves to you or that you would be able to go for? How would you live? What would your day be like? What would your relationships be like? What is a world where you are living to your fullest potential? What is you living your best life? That's what I want to contemplate today. And taking a moment also to contemplate what is in the way? So I'm going to give you two journaling prompts today. First one is journaling on your higher self. “My higher self tells me…” or, “My higher self is…”. Just free write a little bit, tuning into that infinite potential that lies in your higher self, in that deeper knowing. And then for a second prompt, “Something that's keeping me from aligning with my higher self is…”. “Something that's keeping me from aligning with my higher self is…”. What are those things that are playing out in your life right now that are keeping you at that lower vibrational frequency?

[04:09] Is there something you can shift, is there something you can change? Do you have some bad habits that keep you in something that feels a little bit sticky and challenging? Are you not taking good care of yourself right now? What are some things that you could possibly shift and move around so that you can align yourself with your higher self? I'm really excited, for myself as well, to journal on this because I've been contemplating this a lot. That actually I have some power when it comes to aligning with my higher self. It's not just some mythical version of me that shows up like a unicorn one day and then disappears elusively. But actually when I take really good care of myself, when I keep my energetic, physical and emotional space clear, I can tune into that side of me that knows how to live her best life. I make different decisions throughout my day. I feel more aligned, not just with myself, but with all the people around me, with the whole planet. So, take a moment to really sit with the version of you, this beautifully aligned version of you, your higher self, and also what's in the way. So maybe this week, we can take a few steps toward looking for that alignment, just a little bit closer. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Don't forget to journal on this today. Make it part of your self-care practice. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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