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Yoga Girl Daily - August 11th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth, Self-Love, Healing

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About the Episode

We all change, and as we change our needs change, too.

In today’s practice, you will get clear on your own needs. What resources do you use when you are anxious or upset that bring you back to feeling calm, grounded and peaceful? What worked for you even yesterday may not be what is working for you right now.

Tune in to re-evaluate and return to peace.


[00:43] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. I have a little topic in mind today that I know we have done before on this show, but I really feel like it's worthwhile returning to again and again, especially because when I do this little contemplation on my own, I keep finding a new answer every week, depending on where I'm at in life.

[01:16] So, today let's take a moment to contemplate what really brings us back to peace. So, taking a moment to talk about our resources, about our ways of finding grounding in life. You know, we all have moments of fear, of anxiety, of panic even, especially a year like this year. So, what is something that you know right now in your life, so not, you know, a couple of years ago or last month, but right now today, something that brings you back to peace? If you want to take a moment to journal on this today, a great prompt for this is: “When I feel anxious, something that brings me back to peace is…”, or, “When I feel upset, something that makes me calm is…”. So, taking a moment, just a few minutes to journal on that on your own. And you can even start listing through bullet points some of these practices or things or places or people that help to ground you in life.

[02:17] I have entire long one-hour episodes of the Yoga Girl Podcast, simply about resources. I call it our Emergency Toolbox that we all need to have, right, of things that help ground us when life has kind of throwing us curve balls, right? We are all experiencing. I feel like we're juggling curveballs these days. So, what is a resource that you know has been working really well for you lately? I had about 50 days in a row where my number one resource that I kept coming back to every single day was my Dynamic Meditations, so a very intense, high energy, sweaty kind of meditation. And actually now I recognizing that what I might need is a little bit different and resources that I'm actually reaching for right now are not so much around moving my body anymore, but actually things that quiet my body down, which I think is an important thing for me to distinguish, right?

[03:14] So, I don't just continue doing that dynamic, high power, high energy thing, where actually I've entered a different space right now and it's not serving me the same way. So, what I'm finding is really helpful for me right now is a 10-minute shaking practice, a shaking meditation for 10 minutes. I have tons of them on yogagirl.com if you want to try one. And then after that lying flat on the floor in Savasana with a bolster underneath my knees, sometimes I cover myself with a blanket or I put a little eye pillow over my eyes and just lying flat on the ground in silence for 10 minutes after that. So, not so much that high level energy or high tempo practice anymore, but a much more calming, softer, more nourishing practice is something that I'm reaching for that's really bringing me back to peace right now.

[04:04] So, what brings you back to peace today? Whatever the answer to that question is, if it's, you know, asking your partner to give you an extra-long hug today, you know, or having a moment to spoon each other in the morning or in the evening, or if it's doing something totally creative, right? Turning your phone off and having an hour to paint or to journal or to sculpt something, playing with your kids, being with your pets, dancing, music, yoga movement, therapy. I mean, the list really is endless and goes on and on. So, take a moment today just to kind of re-evaluate your resources and again, get clear on what your needs are today so you can meet those needs in a good way. Not, you know, trying to meet the needs you have today by continuing using the only resource or the same few resources that really worked a couple of months ago, because chances are you've changed, right? And along with you changing, your resources will change as well. So, what brings you back to peace? What makes you feel grounded right now? Take a moment to journal on that and then give yourself that time, give yourself that practice, return to that resource every single day. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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