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Yoga Girl Daily - August 4th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Is there a habit that you return to again and again that you know isn’t serving you?

In today’s episode, we are diving deep into the question of why - why do we keep doing things that don’t make us feel good? Instead of shaming yourself or feeling guilty about it, can you approach this question from a place of love and acceptance?

Usually, our ‘bad’ habits are satisfying a craving we feel, but only on a superficial level.

Tune in to discover what you are really seeking, and how you can find it in a deeper and sustainable way.


[00:46] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. It's time for us to contemplate a specific topic and then take a moment to journal on it and hopefully even get a chance to share on it later today. Today I want to touch on a topic that I am contemplating a lot in my own life, and that is the topic of habits, especially bad ones. Now I'm not a big fan of labeling things as bad, so especially the whole concept of bad habits. I think as human beings, we beat ourselves up so much all the time, telling ourselves we're not good enough. We should be different. We should do different. And I think there's something so important about allowing ourselves to be the way we are. That we practiced that kind of self-love, where we can accept ourselves for the way we are as well. Now, at the same time, of course, we want to align our actions with that kind of self-acceptance. We want to lead a healthy lifestyle. We want to feel good in our bodies. So, I'm struggling a little bit in my personal life between the balance of wanting to lead a healthy life, but then also not beating myself up when I don't do things what my mind has labeled perfect, right?

[02:00] So, today let's contemplate bad habits for a little bit. So the idea of bad habits for this episode is really as something that you continue to do, something that you continue to return to, even though, you know, it doesn't make you feel good, right? So, this is not an episode about beating ourselves up, or saying that we're not good enough for not getting it right all the time, but instead addressing that one repetitive thing that you continue to create for yourself in your life that isn't serving you anymore. And I think what's interesting in the topic of bad habits. It's not just, what is that thing that you do that you don't think is good, but actually why do we do it in the first place? And why is it so hard to stop? So take a moment right now, just to close your eyes and then contemplating this topic, bad habits.

[02:50] What is the first thing that comes to mind for you? Perhaps it has something to do with what you're eating. Maybe it has something to do with alcohol or smoking cigarettes or snoozing every morning, always running late in the morning. Maybe it has to do with gossip or involving yourself in other people's drama. There are so many things that we do as human beings. We’re all humans. It's all absolutely normal. But go ahead and pick that one bad habit that you know isn't serving you, that maybe you're feeling it’s time for you to let go of. And then see if you can hold that habit without judgment. And that's a really important thing, without thinking that there is something about you that's bad because you returned to this thing again and again, that isn't good for you. Now I think almost all practices or all the things that we do in a day, they're all neutral, right?

[03:37] There's no such thing as bad foods or, you know, things that are inherently bad. What's bad is something that isn't serving us and our inability to stop. So, for instance, I think eating a pint of vegan Ben and Jerry's ice cream is the best thing to do. Like it's my favorite thing, watching Netflix, eating ice cream with my husband. That's a beautiful Friday night. Now, if I were to do that every day or twice a day or three times a day, chances are the thing that used to make me feel good isn't going to feel so good anymore. Right? My body doesn't feel good eating that amount of sugar every single day, right? Same with even something like alcohol and cigarettes, you know, if you have a glass here and there, no big deal.

[04:21] If suddenly you're drinking every day, we're going to go ahead and kind of call that a bad habit or something that just isn't serving your health and your soul, right? So, once you have defined this habit of yours. So that thing that you want to change, the thing that you know doesn't serve you, I want you to journal on today, why it's so hard to stop in the first place, right? What is it about this habit that makes it hard to stop? What is that feeling you get when you're immersed in this habit that's hard to stop. What is it that you're actually looking for that this habit is giving you on the surface? I want to give an example for my own personal life. So, I have a really hard time these past couple of weeks to turn my phone off at night or to put my phone away at the end of the day.

[05:06] And I find myself coming back to my phone to do mindless stuff like scrolling on Instagram or reading a bunch of messages, even though I know looking at a screen, the last thing I do before bed doesn't make me feel good. It gives me a terrible night's sleep. It inhibits my ability to actually drop into rest, but still I come back to it all the time. And when I sit with that and I really contemplate that for a while, what surfaces for me is this big challenge I have with boredom. This inability I have to be absolutely still, and to not immediately reach for the next thing to busy myself with in quiet moments, which is why at the end of the day, when my daughter's asleep and everything is quiet, all of a sudden my mind gets even busier and I find myself having to reach for something to stay busy with.

[05:53] So, actually what's beneath his bad habit. It's not about my phone. It's not about social media. It's about my inability to actually be totally still in this moment. And that's an interesting place for me to work with. Much more interesting than beating myself up over holding my phone in my hand all evening long. So, see if you can approach this in your own bad habit on your own as well. So, today journal on this for a little bit. You can start by journaling, “The feeling I get when I…” you know, when I drink a lot of alcohol, when I eat that big pint of ice cream every night, when I gossip with all my friends, when I, you know, fill in the blank for whatever your bad habit is. What is the feeling you get and what is it that you're actually longing for? And is there another way for you to meet that need that is a little bit healthier and that serves you a little bit better in the long run? So, no judgment, just an inquiry to open up to today. Wishing you a beautiful session of journaling. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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