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Yoga Girl Daily - April 1st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

As you settle into your meditation practice today, ask yourself if one area of your body is holding on to more energy than others.

So often, our mental state leads to physical manifestations in the body.

Is your head heavy? It could be from running through worst-case scenarios all day.

Do you have a lump in the back of your throat? You may be holding back an unspoken fear.

Are your shoulders and upper back tight? Does it feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on them?

Tune in today to recognize and consciously soften those areas of tension. You may not be able to fully let go, but you can at least soften your grip.


[00:35] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, you guys! As with every single hump day, that no longer feels like hump day because no one knows what day it is anymore, I'm thankful for these episodes because at least I get to check in with what day of the week it is. As with every Wednesday, we have a little meditation session about to happen right now. So, if you can find a comfortable place to sit in silence for just a few minutes. And making sure that you're really comfortable wherever you are. So grounding down through the sit bones, perhaps sitting back into your chair or wherever you are in this moment. And let's right away bring some awareness into the physical body right now. So noticing what it feels like to sit here, checking in with your energy levels in this moment. If you're feeling high on energy or low, if you feel energized, or tired. And try to become the witness of how you are feeling right now without judging any of it as good or bad, just noticing what it's like to be here. And then let's take the deepest breath we have taken all day long. So full breath in through the nose. Open the mouth and let something out.

[02:18] And bringing your breath back through the nose and little by little, allowing each cycle of breath to grow deeper within the body. Welcome to this moment. What does it feel to arrive here? Perhaps sensing right now that there is a certain part of the body that holds a little more energy than others. That's very common, especially around challenging times in our lives that we find ourselves accumulating energy that eventually becomes tension within the body. And we all have different areas of the body where we tend to accumulate that. Where can you sense right now, just a little bit of a holding on happening?

[03:04] For many of us that's around the shoulder, or the upper back, especially if we have a lot of pressure or a lot of things that we're trying to hold together right now, we can end up with that feeling of holding the weight of the whole world. Perhaps right now you're feeling a little bit of tension around the neck or the back of the throat. That's common if we have a lot of fear moving through our bodies right now, like we're almost holding our breath. Perhaps there's something that you want to say out loud that you haven't been able to communicate lately, then you might feel holding on happening around the back of the throat. Perhaps you're sensing this accumulation of energy around your head, which could resonate as a slight headache or just some tension there around the head, the brain, the mind. A lot of us right now are very top heavy when it comes to distributing energy in the body. We’re taking in all of this information, we're spending a lot of time thinking, pondering, trying to solve problems, worrying. So just notice where this rings true for you, where there is a holding on happening. And then without feeling like this is negative or like you have to change it, see if you can move in toward a conscious letting go or a conscious moment of just softening that area of the body.

[04:40] So, that means if you feel that energy around the shoulder is just letting your shoulders drop a little lower down your back. If you can sense it around the neck or the throat, perhaps just moving your head a little side to side, taking a breath into that place, softening the sides of the neck. And if you sense all of this energy around your head or your crown, letting your next breath bring some energy and some awareness from the head down to the legs, down into the thighs, the calves, the soles of the feet. If it helps, you can even use your hands right now and just physically connect your hands to any part of your legs and bring awareness to the lower ends of the body. Just helps to root and ground us into this present moment a little bit more. And then wherever you are right now, letting your next breath in, bring some space into all of these holding ons that are taking place within you. Inhale, bring space into the shoulders, into the neck, into the crown of the head. Open the mouth and exhale all of that tension out. Do that again. Inhaling space and letting something go. One more time. Big breath in, and now softening your whole body as you exhale.

[06:25] And then very gently blinking your eyes open. Feel free to return to this practice or to any of our Wednesday meditations as many times as you like throughout the day. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]