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Yoga Girl Daily - January 14th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

What is a doubt about yourself that you are struggling with right now?

We all face insecurities in some shape or form. However, if we don’t speak about them, they grow even bigger. When we expose our challenges, they become more bearable and easy to deal with. Most importantly, we realize that we are not alone in our feelings.

Tune in today to find those spots you struggle with and turn your doubt into acceptance.


[00:58] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday! Today it’s Tune-In Tuesday, so we're going to pick a topic to inquire a little bit more around so that we can contemplate and get to know ourselves a little bit better. Today I have picked a topic that I think is really interesting and fascinating, but this might be a topic that isn't super easy to get into. Today we are going to talk about insecurities. I am so fascinated by this topic because there is not a single person out there that isn't insecure in some shape or form, but we're sort of taught that we're supposed to look really cool all the time. We're supposed to look as if we're sure of ourselves and confident in every area of our lives. So we actually very rarely speak publicly or out loud about our insecurities.

[01:53] And what I've come to find as an absolute truth is that the hard things that we keep in the dark grow and they get harder and exposing those challenging things, our insecurities, our fears, our worries actually make them more bearable and easier to deal with. And what's amazing when it comes to talking about our insecurities is that we realize that everybody feels that way in different areas of life, so we're not alone. It's not strange at all, but it's interesting. How can I use that insecurity to maybe create something different from the energy of doubt? There is a way to turn doubt into acceptance and the first step is recognizing where am I insecure in my life? So, our topic for today is: An insecurity or a doubt that I'm struggling with right now is… An insecurity that I'm struggling with right now is… and if you want to take a moment just to close your eyes and maybe place one hands of the low belly, just to make a deeper connection to your physical body.

[02:59] Where do you feel insecure in your life right now? Which area of your life do you feel is filled with doubts or perhaps which area of your life do you feel unstable or unsure of right now? And just see what comes to mind first or where your awareness is directed immediately. For many of us, our insecurities are centered around our physical bodies. It's really common. We all have some things, some hiccup, some quirk around our body that we tend to focus or obsess over. Perhaps you feel insecure in another area of your life, maybe in your work life, in your career, in the sense of direction - where are you heading right now? Perhaps you're in a relationship where you're feeling insecure, where you're wondering, is this the right thing, the right place? Just without any judgment of any kind, just take a moment to let your awareness go wherever it ends up.

[03:55] Usually that first thing that comes to mind of, Oh yeah, I feel really insecure around this area of my life or this area of my body or this relationship. That's what's requiring our attention right now and what's interesting, I think, is the moment we become really aware of that insecurity, the moment it's clear in our minds and really present that, Oh, okay. Yeah. Actually I feel insecure right here. I don't feel sure of myself. I feel self-conscious here. Wow, okay. If we can acknowledge that without judging ourselves and without automatically jumping to, well, if I change it, then I'll feel confident, because that's also an illusion. We think that if we change our bodies, all of a sudden we'll feel 100% sure of ourselves and confident there, or if I make this change in that relationship, then everything will be fine. We go into that idea of something being different in the future and then we start to push toward that instead of just addressing the fact that this is how I'm feeling right now.

[04:57] What would it be like if you just accepted that this is a part of your life where you feel insecure? Well, you just allow that to be there for a little bit without immediately dropping into that place of trying to change it or fix it. Especially when it comes to the body. We tend to think that, Oh, if I just lose that weight or if I just strengthen that body part, if I just change it, then everything will be fine. When actually that energy of insecurity, it comes from that idea of thinking that everything should be different all the time, that we're not good enough the way we are. What if instead of focusing on changing, I brought more awareness and more energy toward accepting this area of my life, toward accepting my body the way it is today, toward accepting that relationship that I'm in right now or perhaps recognizing that by accepting where I am by fully immersing myself in the moment, I have way more tools available to me when it comes to taking action. So if I want to leave that relationship or set a boundary or communicate something clearly, it's much easier to do from a place of acknowledging where we already are instead of jumping into that future place of imagining a different scenario. Let's take one more moment here. Let’s just to take a really deep full breath in.

[06:28] And open the mouth and let something go. This is a great topic to continue inquiring into. So perhaps journaling on this a little bit, maybe sharing with a friend and having the rest of this day be centered around acceptance for where you are, acceptance for your body, the way it is, embracing every piece of your beautiful self. Thank you so much for tuning into Yoga Girl Daily today. We'll be back tomorrow.

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