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Yoga Girl Daily - August 25th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth, Lifestyle, Self-Love

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About the Episode

How many times daily are you asked about your wellbeing? When was the last time you really sat with the answer?

For today’s practice, we are going to focus on our physical and mental health and how we are feeling throughout our day to day lives.

What do you need to feel better? Your awareness will bring to what you intuitively need.

Tune in to find the answers.


[00:43] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone! Happy Tuesday and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. Today for our contemplations, so I really love our Tuesday episodes because there's something that, for me, helps bring about a little more insight into my day and into my life, always in ways that surprised me a little bit. And today I want us to focus on our wellbeing. Wellbeing, as in how we are feeling, moving through our day to day lives. How are you doing in your body? How are you feeling in your heart? How is your mental and physical health? How are your relationships? You know, if you really take a moment right now just to anchor into the present moment, how are you doing? This is one of those things that people will ask us, you know, a hundred times in a day, how are you? How is everything? And we'll go fine or it's okay. You know, but when was the last time you actually gave yourself the time and the space to sit down and tune in, to check in with your own wellbeing and what you actually need to feel a little bit better in your life.

[01:51] So, not so much listening to all the outside voices, because we are constantly bombarded with messages around how we can feel better, right? Buy this thing, buy this product, try this diet, try moving your body in this specific way. You know, we have so many options out there and society constantly telling us how we should feel and what we should do to feel better. Well, what if deep inside in this moment right now, you already know what you need? I think that's such a radical concept. The idea of actually, maybe we don't need all of these things from the outside world. Maybe what we need is enough silence to actually be able to listen to what we already know.

[02:39] So, when it comes to your wellbeing right now, you know, the way your life is today, which likely is radically different from what it was last year around the same time, right? What do you actually need to feel good? What is something that you can give yourself or maybe something that, you know you should be doing more of or that you could be inviting more of into your life to elevate that feeling of wellbeing in your day to day life. Take a moment just to close your eyes right now, the way you are. And if it feels good, you can place a hand to the heart, a hand to the belly, just to increase that level of connection between your mind and your body. Let's go ahead and take a cleansing breath here now, so deep, full inhale in through the nose, pause for a moment right at the top, and then open the mouth and exhale, let go.

[03:40] To feel better in your life, to feel better in your body, to increase your level of wellbeing, to feel healthier or more energized or just to feel good right now, what is missing in your life? What is a small change that you could make in your day to day that you intuitively feel in this moment would actually help you feel better? Sometimes that change could be adding something into our lives, right? Making more room for a specific practice, or to spend more time with a specific person or maybe to try something new you've never tried before. Sometimes to increase our level of wellbeing, that intuitive voice inside tells us to remove something from our lives. Perhaps there is something that you've been overindulging in lately or something that you're using as a way to numb yourself, to escape the present moment or just a habit or a pattern that isn't serving you very well.

[04:43] So, take a moment just right now and feel into that space of the heart and the lower belly. To feel better in your day to day life, what do you want to add, or what do you want to remove? And then notice right away where your awareness intuitively brought you. If it was something that you feel like you want to make more space for, something you want to bring into your life, or if it's something that you want to let go of and move away from. And then notice if that's a practice, a person, a thing, a habit, and get a little more intimate with this resource. For me, when I do this practice intuitively just on a very personal level, I automatically feel drawn to my eating habits right now. I have been overindulging, and a lot of sugar lately and maybe not taking care of my body as well as I normally do.

[05:43] And I can feel it. And not from that level of the mind of, you know, what I should or should not be eating, but just that feeling of wanting to enjoy fresher foods, maybe inviting more produce into my day, maybe more raw foods into my day. I'm just sensing that as like an intuitive thing that I want to go get a juice right now. That's what my body intuitively is telling me. So what is your body, your heart, telling you right now? Is it a practice that you're adding into your life or is it a habit or something that you're cutting out? It doesn't have to be forever because we can come back to this intuitive place again and again, and continue to adapt and shift and change, but just giving yourself that moment to actually listen to what you already know you need.

[06:29] Instead of having to look on the outside and ask the world to provide that for us or to tell us what's going to make us feel better. So, I think for me a week of just incorporating a little bit more live and fresh and raw foods into my day to day is going to help me feel more energized. I can feel it, you know, no one has to tell me that. I don't need a book or a blog, right? I know intuitively inside. So what about you? What is it that you're shifting or adding or removing this week? Make sure that whatever the answer to that is something that's really resonating as truth, right? So, not from that ego place of what we should or should not do. It can be very rigid, instead of that place of feeling. What would feel good? Maybe spending more time outside, maybe making sure you get an extra hour of sleep every single night, maybe limiting your contact with a specific person in your life that's bringing you down right now. Maybe inviting more space for yoga in your day to day life. Take a moment and find the answer to that. How can you increase your level of wellbeing right now? And then make sure you give yourself just that. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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