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Yoga Girl Daily - June 15th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Growth

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About the Episode

Right now, we have the opportunity to spark a global healing.

Healing requires us to acknowledge that something has been broken, and it also requires us to do the work and process our own emotions.

We tend to bottle up anger, fear, frustration and sadness - but bottling our emotions doesn’t do anything to help the world!

This week we are setting the intention to take extra time to process.

Tune in to hear how Rachel is keeping her inner space clear, and how you can do the same to be of service to the world.


[00:40] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and welcome to our intention setting episode of this week. It is Monday today. Every Monday, we set an intention for the week and as you probably can hear right now, I don't have much of a voice. The reason my voice is this hoarse right now is because I have spent pretty much every single day immersed in a practice called Dynamic Meditation. You can look it up online, basically what it is, it's a meditation that allows for an opportunity for a big emotional release. So every day I've had a big moment of yelling, screaming, acting out whatever emotion has been present in me in that moment, which oftentimes comes out as anger or some resentment, frustration, irritation, anxiety, any of the things that we're feeling on any given day that we bottle up a little bit, you know, even if we have a good practice of yoga, meditation, and we talk about how we're feeling, it is really important that we give ourselves that dedicated moment in a day to not just talk about how we feel, but to act those emotions out. So the reason I'm sharing this right now is because that's exactly what I want us to focus on this week.

[02:05] Our intention for the week is: This week, I will take extra time to process. This week, I will take extra time to process or: This week I will give myself extra time to process. We have so much going on in the world right now. I really do believe that what's happening around us in the world is a reflection of what's happening on the inside. And of course, it goes the other way around, we feel on the inside, what we absorb from the outside. And right now collectively we are in the middle of what looks like and feels like a huge upheaval, a huge falling apart of so many things, structures, beliefs, security, you know, things that we thought were what they were, we're actually realizing now we're broken. And regardless of how uncomfortable this is or how chaotic this might feel right now for all of us.

[02:58] It actually is a falling apart so things can come together again. We are in a moment, you know, on the cusp of global healing and healing, as we all know, isn't pretty, right? Healing is messy. Healing requires that acknowledgement and awareness of the fact that something has been broken, right? We can't heal until we acknowledge what hasn't been working. What's been unjust. What's been unfair. And for us to do this work, especially the anti-racism work that we are all collectively actively doing right now, processing our emotions or on whatever comes up, I'm going to go ahead and say is one of the most important pieces right now? At least it has been for me. And the reason I share that is because if we don't, especially as white people, if we don't contemplate, if we don't process, but if we just bottle up everything that we're experiencing, especially some of that uncomfortable stuff that maybe we have to really sit with for a while, chances are, we are going to act out that discomfort toward other people.

[04:02] So, especially right now, if as a white person, you’re finding yourself on social media and different people's comment feeds or on blogs, or, you know, putting yourself in the shoes of, you know, you know better than anybody else, then chances are what could really be helpful right now, not just for you, but for everyone you come in contact with is for you to process what's happening inside of you. Right? And that goes for everybody. If you're feeling hopeless right now, like how on earth are we going to fix this? How are we going to heal this? You need to process that feeling of hopelessness. If you're angry that there's so much suffering and violence in this world, you need to process that anger. If you're feeling ashamed of your past behavior, right? Of your silence of your complicity, then you need to process that and let that out, right?

[04:49] We need to all hold space for the Black community right now, and to hold space, we need to get our own gunk out of the way. So this week I will take time to process. Give yourself extra time and space every single day to go to that one resource that you know really helps you move emotion, move thoughts, move believes, move whatever's stuck inside, especially when it comes to resentment or irritation or that kind of tense frequency that sometimes gets stuck inside of us. And that could be something like a Dynamic Meditation, it could be something like five minutes in your bedroom, yelling or screaming into a pillow, punching the living shit out of your mattress. It could been going for a really intense run, doing a shaking practice, coming to your yoga mat. I sometimes go to the ocean just to scream.

[05:40] It's so wonderful. Or I'll go outside and howl at the moon. Using our voice just to express. So we can have that clear inner space so that we can hold space for the people who actually matter right now, who are actually in focus, right? The people that need the biggest healing of all. So know that you can be of greater service if you deal with your own stuff, right? And you can do that along the way while you're doing the work. And you can do that alongside with doing the work that you're doing right now. So this week we take extra time to process. Give yourself that space every day, journal, feel, breathe, scream, move your body. Let's really keep our inner space clear, as clear as we can this week. Thank you so much for listening. And, I think my voice is going to stay this hoarse all through the week. I'm committing to these meditations every day, so we can all look forward to hearing my smoky voice right now. Yoga Girl Daily will be back for a contemplation practice tomorrow.

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