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Yoga Girl Daily - July 20th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Self-Love

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About the Episode

We are entering another new moon in Cancer, which means we have more time to tune in and really listen to our hearts.

What is your heart telling you? Can you slow down enough so that you can hear it over all the background noise?

Tune in as Rachel shares how to move with more intention, presence, and mindfulness this week.

The answers you are seeking are already within you.


[00:45] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Monday, and welcome to our intention setting practice of this week. I hope you've had a really good and nourishing weekend and that you feel ready for the week ahead. Today, we actually have a new moon in Cancer. It's the second new moon in Cancer in a row, which is a little bit strange and out of the ordinary, like so much already is this year, and new moons are all about introspection, about slowing down, tuning in, setting intentions for the new cycle and really contemplating where we're at in life. Cancer is a water element, so a lot about staying home, nourishing ourselves, nesting, you know, all of those things that hopefully we've taken enough time to do already this year. So I would love to set an intention right now to urge us to slow down even a little bit more. And the reason we're doing this this week is because we have so many changes happening around us all of the time. Every single week, there's literally a new curve ball coming our way. And we have so much information coming our way.

[01:58] It's hard to know what to trust, where to go. So, I want to take this week for each of us to slow down enough so that we can actually listen to what our hearts are telling us, instead of listening so much to what everybody else says all the time. Especially if you're spending a lot of time on social media or listening to, or reading, or watching the news. We get so much information from left and right, sometimes we don't know where to go. If we slow down enough and we get enough space in a day, enough time to tune in, you will be able to hear clearer what your heart tells you. And that is something that is so important to do, especially around these crazy times. So, this week I will slow down and let my heart lead the way. This week I will slow down and let my heart lead the way.

[02:53] If you have a crazy week ahead, see if you can clear up some space in that calendar, give yourself more time in the morning and in the evening, setting really good routines for yourself. Staying disciplined with yourself care practice, of course, but really emphasis on slowing down, just because maybe we have slowed down in terms of our work life or in terms of how we normally move about in our society right now, it doesn't mean that our brain and our bodies have actually slowed down the same. So how can you actually give yourself a little more time to move through your day? Can you move with a little more presence, a little more intention, a little more mindfulness? Perhaps taking regular everyday tasks that you do all the time and infusing them with more presence. Maybe taking this intention as a little cue to cut some things out of your schedule this week to say no to some things, so you can say yes to yourself instead.

[03:46] Because it is when we slow down enough that we can be really present with our bodies, that we can also listen to what our hearts tell us. It's in those moments in between all the doing, right? So not when we're busy with all the activities and all the work and the things that we have to do every single day. But those moments of quiet and the in between that's when we can really tap into that place of intuition and listen to the heart. Listen to what the heart is trying to tell you, because trust me, when I say your heart speaks to you all day, every day and all those questions you're pondering right now, those questions are asking everybody for advice about, you already know the answer, trust me on that. That answer lies within you.

[04:33] Maybe it's buried pretty deep, but you know where to go. You know what to do. You know what that next step is? Take this week, for this new moon in Cancer to tune in and really listen, so you can find the answers that you're looking for because you're already carrying them with you today. So this week I will slow down and let my heart lead the way. Perhaps there's a little ritual you can incorporate into your day this week to emphasize this intention. If it's a little bit of journaling before you go to sleep, maybe a longer moment of meditation in the morning, a gratitude practice every day. Something that taps you into that slow, quiet place of the heart to just listen. I hope you have a really beautifully, slow heart-centered week ahead. Thank you so much for setting your intentions with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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