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Yoga Girl Daily - October 26th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

This year has caused us to question everything, to wonder what our purpose is, and maybe even to lose our footing.

We need a reminder that we belong - and there is no better way to do that than through communing with nature.

This week’s intention is to find ways to connect with Mother Earth every single day.

Tune in as Rachel shares beautiful ways to bring nature closer to you, and how it will remind you of the intricate oneness of our planet and the important role you play in it.


[00:54] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Monday, and welcome to our intention setting practice of this week. I was sitting here just meditating a little bit on an intention that I personally really want to set for this week ahead. And I kept coming back to this feeling of just wanting to be reminded every day that I belong. And I think for so many of us, we are in that similar place where maybe we are feeling a little bit uprooted right now, or a little bit hopeless right now, or just feeling like we don't know what the universe has in store for us. You know, there's been so much change and upheaval this year. I think a lot of us have lost that sense of footing. You know, that sense of feeling our feet on the ground and just knowing that we belong here, the way we are. While I was meditating on this, it just occurred to me that the easiest way to remind ourselves of our oneness in this world, the easiest way to remind ourselves of just how much we belong and how connected we all are, is to go outside and spend time in communion with mother earth. Time spent in nature, there's nothing like it. I feel a little bit silly saying, you know, go spend time in nature because nature is everything. This planet is everything. Mother earth is everything. And I feel saddened by the fact that many of us actually have to go and seek out untouched places to actually feel like we are in communion and at one with an untouched place, you know, with that beautiful awe and power that is this planet.

[02:46] So, I want to set an intention for us this week to find ways to remind ourselves of our connection to this earth every single day, knowing that when you spend time in nature, with nature, or when spend time bringing nature into your home and into your day-to-day life, you're going to be reminded of your own purpose. You're going to be reminded that you belong here and you're going to come back to the big picture of the love and the compassion that we're all looking for every moment of the day, because that's what mother earth is. You know, she gives and gives and holds space for all of us to have this experience in this life. And somehow at the same time, we take her for granted. So, our intention for this week is simple. This week, I will return to earth. This week, I will return to earth.

[03:39] So, what does that mean? Of course, spending as much time as you can in nature and outside, breathing fresh air, feeling some rays of sun on your face, looking at the sky, you know, spending time with trees or in your garden or with your feet planted, firmly on the earth. So, as much as you can this week, but then there are other ways to bring nature and to bring earth, that connection that we have with mother earth into our day-to-day lives. Cooking is a wonderful way to do that. Just inviting that earth element into our day, by connecting with fresh produce and vegetables and greens and fruits, and anything that you have seasonally available to you right now. Going to a farmer's market or visiting a farm is a great way to return to earth. What are some ways that you can involve your kids, if you have children or the whole family, in activities that reminded them that they are also inherently connected and a part of this earth?

[04:39] So, how about maybe going on an adventure walk or a nature walk where you observe and find some leaves to observe or animals or birds or trees or insects, whatever you find along the way. Maybe just centering play this week around nature as well. One of my favorite things to do, we had this as our self-care tip for Friday was to go outside and practice earthing. So, just lying flat on the ground and just feeling that support of mother earth holding our bodies up. What are other ways you can commune with nature and just return to earth this week? Meditating outside. I know it's getting close to end of October right now, so it might be a little bit chilly outside. So, just dress for the occasion. Just because it's getting colder doesn't mean that you can't go outside. You know, in Sweden, we have a great saying that goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

[05:34] So, put some clothes on and go practice your meditation today outside. Take your yoga mat outside if you still have a little bit of warmth left in the air, or perhaps now is a really good time to prepare your garden for the next season. Any way you can just spending time in nature, bringing nature into your home, so you have that reminder of the fact that you are important in this world. This earth is a part of you. We all share this planet. This planet doesn't belong more to one of us than the other. And for me personally, the more time I spend in nature, the more hopeful I feel about our future and the more I can feel that I actually belong here now. There's something about just going outside that reminds us that the day-to-day problems that might be consuming us right now are just a small, small, small piece of the beauty of this world. The world is so big. It's hard for us to fathom sometimes. So, get outside and be reminded that you are the ocean in a drop. And you're also just a drop in the ocean. I hope you get to go outside this week. Soon it is going to be colder and colder, we all know. So, take advantage of this fall weather if you can. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead in communion with earth. Thanks so much for listening. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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