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Yoga Girl Daily - September 21st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting

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About the Episode

When was the last time you did something just because it made you happy?

This week, we are putting joy at the top of our priority list. Schedule some time every single day for something that lifts you up and fills your heart.

This year may have brought so many challenging things with it, but joy is still your birthright.

Tune in to feel it.


[00:43] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone! Happy Monday, and welcome to our intention setting practice of this week. I know Mondays get a little bit of a bad rap. I feel some people just have a hard time transitioning from the weekend into a new work week. I love to think of Mondays, not so much as the end of the weekend, but a brand new beginning. So, remembering every single day is what we make it, and I really think starting the day with setting a great intention for that brand new week ahead can really make an impact in how you move through that week, how intentional you feel with what you do throughout the week. And of course, how you feel about the fact that today is Monday, right? We have a lot of days ahead.

[01:34] Today for our intention, so I have something in mind that just thinking about this as an intention makes me smile. It's something that we all need. It's something that honestly, we should be setting intentions around every single week, just to make sure that we incorporate it into our day. And that is making space for joy. When was the last time you set a clear intention to just experience joy in your day? To make sure you take the time to do something that makes you really truly happy? I feel like we are pretty good at setting intentions around work or around discipline, or maybe around our self-care practices and things like that. But sometimes just that pure childlike wonder of having fun can really fall behind. I think as adults, we have these ideas of what we should be doing with our day. And I think it's a great thing to make space for joy, just consciously with intention every day, the same way you get really serious about your to-do list or the things you have to do in a week.

[02:36] How about this week we put joy at the top of that list. Now joy means different things to different peoples. When I say joy right now, or make space for joy, it means I want you to schedule in time in your day, every day to do something that just makes you feel really happy. So, whether that's, you know, taking a little bit of time for yourself, just to listen to some really great music, if it's, you know, half an hour reading your favorite book with a cup of tea, meeting up with girlfriends, or if you can't meet them right now, calling them up and just having a nice long conversation. If it's going to date night with your partner or just playing with your kids for the sake of play, spending time with your animals, with your pets, anything that brings you joy, right? Maybe it's watching that super, super, super good movie.

[03:20] You know, something that just entertains you without having to think too much about it. I would love for us to actually anchor into practices this week that bring us joy on a real heart-centered level. For me, I used to find a lot of joy in terms of like watching movies at the end of the day. This year because of quarantine, I have spent so much time on the couch in front of Netflix that I actually don't experience joy anymore when there's a screen involved. And that's just because I've had that overload this year. So, for me these days, what brings me true joy is doing something creative. So, if it's just taking an hour to sit down with my kid, bringing out all of our arts supplies, I like to buy these big, cheap kind of canvases that we can get a stack of and they don't cost too much.

[04:05] But it makes it feel like we're doing something a little more serious than just pen and paper, right? And then we bring out all our art supplies and the glitter and the glue and the watercolors and all this stuff. And we just get creative without having a goal in sight. There was something about that. I just have so much fun doing that with my daughter. So, I try to make more space for that these days than I normally would, because I need moments of just pure fun in my day. And I know you do, too. There's so many heavy things happening in the world. We get bad news at some point every single day, I think to a degree that's much higher than normal years, right? 2020 really is special in terms of the hard things that we have to navigate all the time.

[04:50] So, what can you do this week that actually brings you some joy? Get serious about your joy this week and set that clear intention. This week, I will make space for joy. This week, I will make space for joy. And now is a really good time to sit down and plan out your week. What is something that you're going to do every single day that brings you joy? Maybe it's something different every day. Maybe you pick a time of day and you do something joyful at the same time, every single day this week. Or call up a friend and make sure you have someone to enjoy this joyful thing with every single day. I just, I really hope you get to have a joyful, happy, easy going week this week. And that if you're having a hard time, that setting this intention around joy can help you invite more of it into your life, because you deserve it. Joy is your birthright. Thank you so much for setting this joyful intention with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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