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Yoga Girl Daily - August 24th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Growth, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

Where do you need to make a change in your life?

This week is the week to focus on your ability to shift things where shifts are needed.

Plant your feed on the ground and take control of your wellbeing. You are stronger than you think, braver than you feel, and excuses are no match for you.

Tune in to get started.


[00:56] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily. Happy Monday, everybody. Thanks for tuning in. Welcome to our intention setting practice of this week. I don't know about you, but I have had a couple of particularly heavy weeks these past few weeks, and I was contemplating what intention to set for this coming week. I took a moment just to close my eyes, feel into my own heart and check in with what kind of intention would really benefit me. And I arrived at one that I actually feel is going to be really helpful for all of us. So, wherever you're at in your life right now, if you've had an amazing month, if you've had a really tough month, you know, I feel like sometimes on this podcast, I talk about how challenging 2020 has been for almost all of us. It hasn't been for everyone. It's true, some people have had a lot of realizations and epiphanies, and even for everyone among us, who's had a lot of challenges, we've also seen some growth, right? Silver linings, blessings, gratitude.

[02:03] So this week, what I want to focus on is our own ability to make a change where change is needed in our lives. Especially if we have had a hard year, I think it's easy to get into this sort of mentality of, life is really hard right now, right? We feel like we have no control over what's coming our way. We feel maybe small. We feel opposite of empowered, right? We feel weak. We feel like we don't know what to do next. And sometimes all of those things are true, right? A lot of things that happen actually is out of our control. But I think that shifting our mindset from that place of feeling victimized or little to a place where we can stand up tall, plant our feet firmly on the ground, look at our lives and go, Hey, where am I actually empowered?

[02:53] And where do I have control of my own life? Which areas can I actually make changes in for the better? And if you've had a great year and you're in a really good flow right now, this also applies to you. Chances are it's going to be a little easier to make a change right now, if you are in a good space. So, our intention this week is: This week, I will make a real change in my life. So, taking a moment right now to contemplate an area of your life where you know something is missing, where you know something is a little awry, something is a little off, something isn't complete, you’re missing something, lacking something. Take a moment right now, if you want to close your eyes, place your hands to your heart center and just check in. What do you need in your life? What area of your life feels a little messy right now? Where in your life do you want to see an actual change? And then take a moment to really notice where your awareness brought you first. So, we all have, of course, you know, many of us have tons of things we would like to change in our lives or improve in our lives. Or, you know, perhaps you'd like to see more abundance. You'd like to have more ease and more flow in terms of your financial situation right now. Maybe you want to make a shift when it comes to your career and how you spend your day to day in terms of your work and the work you're doing in this life.

[04:19] Perhaps you're wanting to make a change in terms of your family dynamic or your family constellation, how things are working in your family situation right now, maybe it's something about self-care, right? Perhaps it's getting healthier or making different choices in terms of how you move your body every day or what you're eating every day or taking power and control over your own wellbeing and doing more of the things that you know, actually feels good and less of the things that don't. So, wherever you land, you know, in this area of just wanting to make a change, this is the week where we don't give any more excuses, right? This week we're not going to excuse ourselves or make excuses for all the reasons as to why we can't make this change. So, instead of focusing on why making this change is hard or feels impossible, or is really heavy or complicated, I want you to direct your awareness toward where you actually can make a change, right?

[05:14] So, say for example, if the area you want to make a change in has to do with your self-care, you want to get healthier right now. Maybe you're thinking that, okay, I don't have a lot of money. It's really hard for me. I can't get a personal trainer. I'm not going to the gym because of COVID. We have all these obstacles, right? Or healthy eating is more expensive. Spend a little bit of time, actually investigating that. What are some ways you can start to actually move your body every day, but isn't going to cost you a lot of money, right? Can I look up some blogs for healthy eating on a budget? For instance, can I get creative around taking charge of my health? Can I invite a friend to help me stay motivated? Right? If you're looking to make that change in terms of your work or your career, perhaps this week is a really good week to start taking some action steps of defining, what kind of career do you actually want?

[06:02] If you didn't do this job, what kind of job would you like? Would you like to work for yourself? Do you have a business idea you want to get started? Can you get a little more creative around some steps that you can actually take for that change to happen? So, instead of sitting around, waiting for the universe to provide us with an opening, this week I want us to take the bull by the horns and make that change happen on our own. So, I'm not saying you're going to completely turn your entire health and wellbeing around in one week or, you know, quit your job tomorrow and start another one. But at least beginning that work this week, at least beginning to feel more empowered. Like you have more control, especially over the parts of your life that feel a little out of control right now, or that feel messy or hard or complicated.

[06:48] You are stronger than you think. Trust me when I say that, that's a fact, you are stronger than you think. You are brave. You have survived so many hard and challenging things in your life. And this change that you're looking to make right now, you can do it. You can do it. And if you need help, ask for help. If you don't know where to begin, start in that place of not knowing. Take a moment to sit down, journal on it, contemplate it. Talk about it with your friends, draw up a plan, right? This is the week to get started. No more excuses. This week, we make a change for the better. I feel empowered and excited to actually take a little more charge in these areas of my own life. I hope you do too. Thank you so much for setting this intention with me this week. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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