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Yoga Girl Daily - July 6th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Being of Service

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About the Episode

Do you long to change the world? It all starts with taking care of yourself.

Your actions, thoughts, and belief systems all make an impact on the world around you, but you cannot give from an empty cup. By taking care of yourself, you are cultivating stamina and energy, and creating the best version of you - and that is the person who will change the world.

This week we are rooting into the intention to focus on service, for both ourselves and the world around us. When we feel cared for, grounded, safe and whole, changing the world seems a little easier.

Tune in to root into this intention and recognize your power.


[00:45] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Monday, and welcome to our intention setting practice of this week. We just had a lunar eclipse and a full moon in Capricorn yesterday. So a big day, a big weekend, this whole entire week is going to be fairly intense energy wise. And one of the questions that I think fit really well with the full moon in Capricorn is the question of service. And that's exactly what I want to set an intention for this week.

[01:23] Now, when we talk about service and being of service to this world, it's really important that we anchor into that place of first being to service of ourselves or simultaneously being of service to ourselves. We all know that we cannot give from an empty cup. We have to continue to take care of ourselves, to focus on the self-care practices that deeply ground us, so that we don't get depleted, so that we have energy and stamina to really be of service in the best way possible. So that is why I want our intention for this week to be this: “This week, I will focus on service for both myself and the world around me…”. I think we are all in this big shift in the world right now. We have a lot of shifts happening inside of us, and we see so many shifts happening all around us.

[02:13] So having that mindset of wanting to be of service is a really important thing for each of us right now. And I think it's also a time of everybody's life, where it's easy to slip into that vibration of feeling hopeless or feeling small or feeling like, with so many big issues all around me I'm just one single person. How can I ever really make a difference in this world? And that's the important thing about this specific intention for this week, when we feel cared for, when we feel grounded, when we feel safe, when we feel whole, then that feeling of wanting to be of service or that longing to be of service for the world, it's going to come as an automatic thing to follow up that feeling of safety. I deeply believe that each and every one of us wants to feel that sense of purposefulness, right?

[03:05] Of knowing that we belong in this world and knowing that we have the ability to make a difference for other people, especially for people in need, that we have that power to make changes where changes are needed. And I think when we get into that hopeless space of how can I do anything, and I'm just one person, we lose sight of the fact that we really are important in this world, right? The actions that you take every day have a huge impact on the people around you, the thoughts you think every day, the belief system that you have, the bias that might be living inside of you, all of these things make an impact. And the easiest way to get back to that place where you're reminded of the fact that yes, I belong in this world. Yes, my actions, my thoughts, my intentions, my impact in this world really matters, is to take good care of yourself.

[03:54] And when I say, take good care of yourself, I don't mean, you know, go get some pedicures and some bubble baths, but really dedicate yourself to showing up fully and truthfully for who you are. So whatever is in the way, right? Whatever obstacles you're challenged by right now, whatever wounds or traumas, keep showing up again and again, now is the time to begin that healing journey if you haven't already. If you're already on that healing journey now is the time to get disciplined with the practices that actually help anchor you into the present moment. To not get lost, to not get distracted. And especially on those days, when it's hard to take good care of ourselves, right? When it's hard to actually prioritize our own needs over other people's needs, those are the days where it's extra important that you actually do that, that you carve out the time to be with yourself, to go to therapy, to see a psychologist, to do your yoga practice, to meditate, to journal, to contemplate, to be in nature, to have alone time, to sit with your emotions, to sit with your discomfort and to continue going deeper on this journey.

[05:02] Now is the time because you doing that is parallel to your ability of actually making a change and being of service in this world. So, this week, I will focus on service for myself and the world around me. Take care of yourself so that you can take better care of the entire world. I am resonating so deeply with this intention, and I think you do as well. So keep it in mind, let it anchor you all through the week. Come back to it again and again and again. Thank you so much for listening for setting this intention this week. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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