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Yoga Girl Daily - November 4th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

How often do you find yourself acting in a way that doesn’t represent your feelings?

That is often how life works; we have to keep ourselves together for our families, at our jobs, and in many parts of our day-to-day lives. Our feelings are often not encouraged or welcomed and we put on them on the back burner.

But your feelings are still there, and it is still important to allow yourself to feel how your feel.

This week’s intention will allow us to consciously tap into how we are truly feeling each and every day. Set an alarm and a timer and 3 times throughout the day, take 5 minutes to place your hands on your heart and get to the root of what is there.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday, you guys! It’s Make It Happen Monday today, brand new day, brand new week. It's time for us to take a moment to set our intentions together. For this week's intention, I have something I want us to consciously drop into several times a day, so this is an intention that hopefully will make you a little bit more in tune and allow you to really get to the root of what's going on inside of your heart. Here's our intention this week: This week I will feel my feelings. Oh, I love it. This week I will feel my feelings. This week I will feel my feelings. You can even make it this week; I will feel my feelings consciously every day. And this maybe sounds a little bit woo woo for some of you are like this abstract thing or of course we all have feelings and aren't we all feeling our feelings all the time.

[01:05] What I mean with setting an intention centered around feeling our feelings is that you give yourself conscious moments throughout the day, every single day this week, where you sit down, place your hands to your heart and actually get to the root of what you are feeling. So what could actually help to make this work is to decide a time, every single day where it's actually possible for you to quietly, undisturbed, close your eyes and drop into a place inside of your heart. Maybe you want to do it every morning as you wake up and every evening before you go to bed, maybe set a timer, do it at your lunchtime, have a few moments in the day. This is something that should just be a few minutes, but that should give you enough space and insight to actually feel into what is going on inside of you in the moment. And so many of us, we put our feelings on the back burner.

[01:54] Truth of the matter is that our feelings aren't necessarily always very productive. We might find ourselves in situations or places throughout the day where it's not encouraged to feel our feelings. Perhaps you work in a work environment where you feel like you have to keep it together all the time, where you have to act in a certain way or be strong or be polite or you know, we have to be something all the time. It's really, really, really important, especially if you don't have a day-to-day life that's set up in a way that it's okay for you to be vulnerable and feel that you give yourself that dedicated time. So how about we make it a thing this week, three times a day, all week long, three times a day. So I suggest morning, middle of the day, and before you go to bed that you actually carve out just five minutes to sit down, close your eyes, place your hands to your heart and ask yourself the question, how am I feeling right now?

[02:48] And we need a little bit of time for that. So just feeling into that space. How am I feeling right now? Placing your hands to your heart helps you increase the connection between your mind on your heart so you can a little bit easier. How am I feeling right now? And then take a few breaths all the way into the lower belly and take some time for the mind to slow down and quiet so that you can listen to what's actually true and whatever is true in that moment. How am I feeling right now? If it's happiness and joy, act it out, be happy, be joyful. If what you're feeling is sadness, be sad. Perhaps you can give yourself a couple of minutes to cry or to feel sad, listen to a sad song, talk to someone, do something that allows you a little bit of space to let some of that sadness out, maybe journal about it sometimes also works.

[03:36] If what you're feeling is frustration and anger, then how can you give yourself a moment to act that out as well. What's important is that we get super conscious and present with our emotional state and that we make it that habit to stay in touch with our hearts all throughout the day. So it may sound like a really simple intention, but it actually is going to require a little bit of action and some work on your part. This week I will feel my feelings. Let's set our timer three times a day. Drop into that heart centered space and feel what the truth of the heart is in that exact moment. And sometimes you might actually be faced with the fact that you're acting in a way that doesn't reflect how you feel, which of course is a beautiful opportunity to change it and to be truthful with the people around you and with yourself about the reality of how you're feeling right now. So this week, let's all of us feel our feelings together. I am in that space where I'm really doing this all throughout the day, all the time. And I really hope to inspire you to feel into your heart and connect to your feelings more as well. Thank you so much for setting this very heartfelt intention with me this week. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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